When does the next hard fork start?-Lima

When does the next hard fork start?-Lima.Is there any problem with Lima?

I even have some concerns about whether the AE team still has enough money to live.

The Lima hardfork waits for all the checks of the contract that will “rescue” tokens that got forgotten, in Ethereum network as ERC20s.

We will migrate them directly (as they are, represented by eth addressses and still locked). We implemented signing and verification primitives to be able to prove ownership using Etheruem keys in AE blockchain to unlock them. After Lima we don’t depend on Ethereum.

We will deploy lima from releases/lima-rc branch which is fairly stable since couple weeks.

In master branch there is new work coming!

Team is good, we have food and water. Also laptops. And warm cloths. Should be fine to continue and survive the winter;)


thanks ~~~,we can get the token back!