When Ericsson Partnership?


The force is telling me Ericsson has their fingers all over this project.

Prove me wrong.


Here’s their portfolio…If you go to the job opening’s there’s quite a few ASIC/FPGA engineering jobs.


We’re open for introductions :slight_smile:


I am waiting for the Microsoft and Lenovo Partnership pumps


I have worked for Ericsson, I can help to introduce, still know several persons/managers. Only thing is, what is the “pitch” towards Ericsson, what shall I ask them? In other words, what is the benefit for Ericsson to get involved in this Aeternity project?


Oracle hardware. 20 char


What you like for Aeternity to get out of this? I was part of their Software Sales unit, not the Hardware, but if you can describe in a few more sentences :slight_smile: what is the target, I can take some actions


My scope of IoT/edge computing is rather limited (i am a data scientist by trade) so i’m afraid i would understate these targets.

Some things come to mind:

  • Leveraging their IoT hardware devices to interact with Aeternity
  • Oracle hardware on docks, maritime trade, weather, sport events
  • Blockchain mobile devices