When update Aeternity to 3.0.1, aepp-cli-js update to Release 2.0.0, js can not use?

bin/aeternity versions Installed versions:* 3.0.1 permanent
aecli --version 2.0.0

when i use: aecli account spend …
the result is : Unsupported node version 3.0.1. Supported: >= 1.4.0 < 3.0.0 undefined
why? plz help me out. thx.

is anybody here ???

@Altery Hello, nice to meet you. Please try to use CLI from develop branch. I will publish new CLI version today/tomorrow which compatible with Node 3.0.0

:warning: :rocket: AEPP-CLI 2.1.0 is out
:warning::warning::warning: Fortuna Compatibility :warning::warning::warning:
Install it with npm install @aeternity/aepp-cli

aecli account spend … the result changed ?

2.0.0’s result:

Transaction mined

{“blockHash”:"","“blockHeight:”"} --json_data

{ blockHash: ‘mh_yLTBesZWHZ9Jzte4SPhrHbSgHQRavgTNuyMcfCn7bMu5AgFxH’,

2.1.0’s result:

{“tx”:{ ‘’:{}}} --json_data