When Will Hyperchains Launch? Seeking Updates

Hello everyone,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Bigtree, an AE investor from the Chinese community. I invested in AE tokens a long time ago and have been holding onto them since. I have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to the AE project. Despite the considerable decrease in the price of AE tokens, I have always believed that AE will have a prosperous future. I currently hold a substantial amount of AE tokens and plan to continue holding them for the foreseeable future.

Like many others in the community, I am eagerly awaiting updates on Hyperchains, a project that began in 2020. We are seeking more information about Hyperchains, including progress, milestones, risks, and crucial details. Of course, what we are most interested in is when Hyperchains will officially launch. Having a rough timeline could lead to a more optimistic assessment by investors, which would be beneficial for the development of AE.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide some insights here. Thank you in advance!


I fully support your inquiry. I would also like to receive more updates by the core developers about the hyperchains development. For myself I did what I was able to do: I have shared my ideas about hyperchains already many times over the past years. Can’t wait to have something meaningful working asap.


I fully support your inquiry. but no way. Hyperchains, is joke.

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aeternity is still a failed project! 7 years after its birth, aeternity had more than 100 exchanges listed at its peak, how many are left? According to the KPIs, out of 10, the aeternity team scored only 2 out of 10, which is far from the passing mark!

1.the whitepaper on the main AE website did not release mining information in advance, leading many holders to believe that it was a scam project!

2.The head exchange was maliciously shorted and the team did not coordinate to deal with it!

3.was attacked by 51 and forced off the market without an agreement with the exchange!

4.superhero.com decentralized twitter sucks!

5.superchain version 1 - sucks (unreliable developers)

6.superchain version 2 -(wandering wirelessly between BTC and ETH)

7.coinbase is still not live after 4 years

After all these outrageous facts, we still haven’t given up on aeternity, and the Chinese community is still the largest trading volume and liquidity, so please let us know what you need. What can we do for you?


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I can only speak for some of the technical points, but to respond to the most important question:

Aeternity’s contract language has so many more features than e.g. Solidity and it’s very chap to use, not only because of the low price but also due to various technical aspects like contract cloning (where you can reuse deployed code without paying the deployment for new contracts). So what you could do is to build a dApp which is fun to use? An easy formula would be: Take any open source game for unity, export a build for web and make your browser game interact with aeternity contracts? Provable fair betting, for example. Or it doesn’t have to go that far, just some dice rolling will also do it. Adoption only happens if we all build cool stuff ! Hit us up if you need help. I know you feel frustrated about things, but one thing is actually really good around AE, and that is the tech itself.

First of all I don’t know how to program, but we know how they work, just like I can drive a car but I don’t can’t fix it.
The aeternity technology is very proud at the moment, but it’s a pity that no one uses it. Proud technology should have first class sales to match its value. Luckily we have seen Nicola come back into the fold and make some headway, this is a very important year for aeternity and it will determine its success!

The good news: The technology is still being updated and the plan has not been abandoned.
The bad news: The technology is still being updated, but there’s nothing innovative about it. :face vomiting:

At present, it seems that the superhero AEkonw AESAN BaiXinBOX may be a bit empowering. Other updates are uninspiring and useless. Of course, there are also ETH bridges, etc., which are all good projects.
The rest looks like the Foundation doesn’t care about the project.
So programmers will just use some outdated technology to apply for poor subsidies.
I want to know what the foundation will rely on to maintain operations and investment in 2024? or it could be…? :crazy_face:



I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide some insights here. Thank you in advance!