Where did my AE tokens go?

I had aeternity in this address (AirGaP wallet) : ak_22Uao9dXe9h9CxwWDKAfSyRxYAUbcZmQiwFitqEx6U9d4aKs8p

I then got Ledger Nano S recently and followed instructions on https://base.aepps.com/ to create an account and received a new wallet adddress for AE tokens on my ledger. ak_2Tiynq3RxJW6PjJV26TpCDmqH9ZMahh4bd29bDEWthhsQCUsJq.

If you explore the blockchain you can see I moved all my aeternity from the Airgap to the ledger that was connected to the base.aepps.com mainnet.

But now when I open my ledger in my computer, I don’t see how I can view my AE. All I see is the ability to create a new account. I plug in the Ledger, access my PIN and open the aeternity wallet in my ledger and open up ledger live, while i’m in the base aepps website. But on the top right of the webpage it just shows how to connect a new account. I can’t see any indication of the amount of AE I have.

I’ve used my Ledger before for ETH and BTC but AE is a little different. Its not showing up on my Ledger Live. Thank you for your assistance.

Ledger wont give you an ae balance but the base app will

This is correct. You have to install the aeternity app via ledger live application and afterwards go to base.aepps.com and connect your leder there (the same way you would do it with myetherwallet for example).


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