Where does the token mined by miners come from?


Hello team!
Is the total amount of ae tokens certain,says 273,685,830?But we don’t know the token mined by miners how to generate,is it the part of the total amount 27.,685,830?


I’m not on the team but it will be transaction fees and increasing supply as voted on by stakeholders. The 273 million is the current supply including the 17% held by the foundation, some of which is being paid to the team with some time lock restrictions. No tokens are being created or mined yet because it is currently an Eth erc20 token. Mining on the test net will not carry over


Mining will create new coins. The amount of new coins created per block will be modifiable by the governance mechanism.


Hi, is there any tutorial on how to mining ae for beginners? thanks in advance :slight_smile:


What is the aggreed max. supply?


Hey @tusandii,

We are currently preparing a mining tutorial.
We will share it as soon as it is ready.

The AE Team