Which configuration file format is the right one?

The Aeternity node uses the YAML format for configuration. While YAML is comparatively easy to parse it seems to present problems to users who haven’t used it before. There have been plenty of user issues caused by formatting problems in their configuration file.

So I am wondering, is there a configuration format which would dramatically improve that situation, essentially making the getting started experience better for in-experienced users?

I am interested in anyone’s experience since this is a fairly generic topic and most projects have to cope with that somehow.

Here is an incomplete list of alternatives I can think of:

Please vote:

  • JSON
  • TOML
  • the dreaded XML
  • plain old INI

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JSON, why anything else?

Personally I don’t like JSON as a configuration format. Its verbose and the format isn’t nice on the eyes. That is ok for data transfer, but not for configuration imho. But, that’s why I am asking, this is not a black/white decision.

the point is that everyone speaks JSON.
could be also just .js {} object. less strict then JSON.

Having talked to some more people I actually think changing the configuration format wouldn’t improve the user experience really.

Instead I guess we would need some form of configuration semantics checker which can provider users with some feedback if certain configuration values are knowingly incorrect or incompatible with other values.

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The checker need to be integrated and check automatically

fully agree