Which Dex can we do ICO with Aex9 token?

Hey guys,

Need clarity on this. If a project needs to do token sale with Aex9 tokens, What DEX’s are currently supporting or can support AEX9 tokens?

I remember Jellyswap guys had built a Stable coin and launched but I don’t see it anymore.

I asked Tito if it’s possible he said it’s currently not integrated will need time for development

any suggestions
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As far as I know, the decentralized platforms that currently support aex9 tokens are aeknow.chain, aeasy.io and aebox.io. The latest roadmap shows that aebox.io will implement DEX immediately. The first trading pair is abc/Ae. You can try to contact @Baixin.chain

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Yes, I’m also working on the AEX-9 token exchange. It would be great if the authorities could offer a ready-made contract