Which project has the best documentation of their Blockchain protocol?


i’d like to get some feedback from developers that regularly use doc’s. Which once are the best?

  1. http://ethdocs.org/en/latest/
  2. https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
  3. https://cardanodocs.com/technical/wallet/api/v1/?v=1.4.0#
  4. https://docs.satoshipay.io/api/#introduction
  5. https://lisk.io/documentation/home
  6. https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/
  7. https://docs.nem.io/en

:slight_smile: Thanks!


I personally like the style of ethdocs (1), solidity (2) and nem-docs (7) most :slight_smile:


Actually we can already see the click statistics on my list, i like that :slight_smile: Thanks for your input!

I almost agree with you, but in third place I would put lisk.io

Yes I like this too, which tool are they using? https://lisk.io/documentation/lisk-elements/packages/api-client

Blockchain has a different set of protocol and it can be used to troubleshoot network issues as well and we can get more assistance from https://uaetechnician.ae/samsung-service-centre

But why getting support and creating a dependency of a centralized organization @mikki ?