Which SDKs support generalized accounts?

Hello guys,

I just wanted to know which SDK(s) already support generalized accounts? I discovered a WIP-branch in the aepp-sdk-js but it isn’t merged yet.

I want to implement support for generalized accounts in the Java SDK and wanted to see how this is done in other SDKs.

Is there any working implementation where I can have a look at?

Hey @marc0olo,

During last week’s dev update call, Andrea said that they were currently preparing a new Python SDK release that was going to have GA support. @noandrea please clarify :slight_smile:


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The Elixir SDK supports GA attach and meta transactions, although at this point meta transactions can’t be nested.


There is aslo a wip branch for the python SDK, we have a working version but there is some polish to be made still.
I believe that we will release a version for the python SDK by the end of the week.


It is not merged yet, and there will be refactoring involved but you can check out the branch feature/ga for they Py SDK.
There is also some documentation to walk you to the process here. The documentation is executable but you will have to install the branch version using something like the command:

poetry build && pip install build/aepp_sdk-4.1.0-py3-none-any.whl 

then save the script from the docs and execute it.

it has been merged: links updated

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@noandrea is there any reason why the tx-types required for generalized accounts are not inluded in the swagger.yaml?

I mean it isn’t a problem to define them on our own but in my opinion it would be good to have it included in the swagger.yaml

there isn’t a specific reason afaik, probably it was just an oversight.
I’ll see if I can make a pr for that.

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the pr for GA txs in the swagger file has been merged https://github.com/aeternity/aeternity/pull/2669

so it will be in the next release.
and with the last release also the is sdk supports ga