Why are hundreds of people contributing to BTC and ETH at GitHub while AE has only a few dozen

Why are hundreds of people contributing to BTC and ETH at GitHub while AE has only a few dozen.Welcome to discuss it here.


Why to discuss? Let’s contribute instead! :slight_smile:


The discussion is to expose the problem, to find ways to get more and more people to contribute to AE blockchain.



Completely clueless. It’s like the AEorg doesn’t understand that public involvement IS THE BIG THING that is needed - and are pretending that them making a beautiful spaceship in their basement is going to get anyone to actually ride in it.

It. Makes. No. Sense.

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Price show everything, BTC is going to historic high, and AE, historic low?

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Hi @Winfield!!

Imho I think it is early to do such comparisons with those two coins as they are the current holy grails of digital money and smart contracts, but I can assure that our aim is to be able to have a fair comparison and for that several work directions are being taken, apart from raising awareness, dev tooling, direct work with startups , entrepreneurs, partnerships , and any price driver we could think of, an incredible work on documentation is being done so we can make easier for people to contribute.

Also note the fact that the universe of potential contributors to projects such as BTC or ETH is massive because the underlying languages are pretty popular, while Erlang, even being a much better language blockchains-wise, does not have so many knowledgeable people, to address that we are working in getting near existing Erlang communities and onboard them to the blockchain space as it is much easier to get an experienced Erlang dev to build erlang based stuff in the blockchain space, than to get a i.e solidity dev to learn functional programming / Erlang. Back to other stuff !! Lots of things to do to keep the community happy!