Why does this Mocha JS test in aeternity return this result? Aex9, MochaJS, Aeproject

Hey guys,

So I’m testing the Aex-9 fungible token full contract using Aeproject and MochaJS as my testing tool.

Heres the relevent code from the test:

//Deploys Fungible token contract with init params
it('Deploying FungibleToken Contract'), async () => {
     const deployedPromise = deployer.deploy(EXAMPLE_CONTRACT_PATH,["FungibleToken",5,"FT",500])

    //Tests if meta info matches expected meta info
    it('Checks meta info', async () => {
         let meta_info = (await instance.meta_info()).decodedResult
    await assert.deepEqual(meta_info),["FungibleToken", "FT", 500])

    //Tests if total supply matches expected
    it('Checks total supply', async () => {
         let total_supply = (await instance.total_supply().decodedResult
    await assert.equal(total_supply,500)

So I get a bit of an unexpected result.
The test to check if total supply is equal to 500 passes.
The test to check if meta info matches expected does not.

The test to check if meta info matches expected returns:
AssertionError: expected { Object (decimals, name, ...) } to deeply equal [ 'FungibleToken', 'FT', 500 ]

Clearly Object(decimals,name,…) is my Meta_Info record.

My question is: How can I get the actual data in this meta_info record rather than Object(decimals,name,…) ?

For reference here is the fungible token contract: https://github.com/mradkov/aeternity-fungible-token/blob/master/contracts/fungible-token-full.aes