Why does Waellet not work with aeternity Apps?

Hi, my app that i build works fine in Base aepp (signing requests pop-up when opening the app) but i doesn’t work with the www.waellet.com extension. Why is this and how can i fix it? @r0b0t0 :wink:

See the example boilerplate aepp we’ve provided to get to know how to interact with the waellet from your application.


@emin see also here: https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-waellet/pull/98

We are working on having the waellet compatible with the aex-2.

For this, we need to come to a decision to finalize the aex-2 proposal so that the SDK team can merge it into the next release.

Then we (waellet) will be supporting aepps similar to the way that base aepp is now and also be backward compatible with previously deployed applications.

Until then the suggested way of integrating with waellet is as I linked above: https://github.com/waellet/waellet-aepp-boilerplate

This will require the developer to put a little bit more work on their app in order to have it compatible with waellet at this point.

We are prepared to be AEX-2 compatible, but we cannot release this until AEX-2 is merged in the SDK.

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Great! Thank you for your answer. Can you give us an ETA when this will happen?

We had a call (the aexpansions call today) and discussed this.

As we are dependent on the sdk, and the sdk itself is dependent on having AEX-2 Finalized so they can merge it in the next release.

As next steps we want to bring the discussion about AEX-2 back to life (for this we already contacted @stoyan_ae so that the base aepp team @davidyuk and the rest can give final suggestions so the issues they had with the proposals might be resolved).

This will allow us to finalize aex-2 and have the sdk finish the implementation (if some adjustments are needed).

Then we can refactor and adjust our current implementation with the approved one, so we all (base aepp, waellet and any other wallet implementation be compatible to the standard).

I cannot give you exact time for this as we are depending on the above. After all of this is finished we will need few days at tops to resolve this and implement whats needed in waellet.

All of this can be done now, but we will need to cross over the aex-2 and fork the sdk so we can adjust it according to our needs. BUT this is a community work and ecosystem and we need to act like so.

We also talked with @nduchak and we agreed also that the sdk release shouldn’t break the backward compatibility and also there should be technical time for the wallets to adjust. We thought of a way that won’t require application developers to do anything more but update the sdk version they use, as the APIs will remain the same.

Hope this is answering your question :slight_smile:

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