Why I recommend the AE team to focus on marketing

Hes sitting on a beach drinking cocktails thinking about how effective his token and economic policies are at serving as a btc and eth wealth transfer mechanism from ICO investors to the founders. In that aspect, his vision has been hugly successful. He got gold and silver and gave everyone back tin

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Check yanis wallet, plenty of value there

naaaah, if you check the account, it’s plenty active. Just not active for things like talking to the community that’s still supporting his project.

So why don’t we just fork it?

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I agree almost with every statement in this post. Marketing strategy should be better.


Hi @StanHansen, any chance to visit

and propose some community & marketing activity you believe would help? Ofc, I am replying on your post, since it’s the last one and sum-up, but the same question for all members of the topic.

Would be nice to have some new, fresh campaigns and activities proposed.