Why I recommend the AE team to focus on marketing

Why does Ae suffer 51% attacks, even though the Ae defense system is already very powerful. Because the price of Ae is low, the cost of attack is low.
Why does ACF need donations to defend against 51% attacks, despite the fact that the Bri plan has been implemented. Because the price of AE is low.
Why do Aepp developers lack the stamina for development, despite the fact that the Ae system is getting better and better? Because of the low price of Ae, there are fewer Ae users and fewer Aepp users.
Why are there fewer and fewer Ae users and more and more serious losses, despite the gradual enrichment of the Ae ecosystem? Because the price of Ae is low, investment is a loss.
Why is the promotion of Ae ambassadors becoming less and less effective, and some fans even turned black, even though the Ae plan is becoming more and more long-term? Because of the low price of Ae, more and more people are losing money and negative emotions are getting heavier.
It is undeniable that Ae’s development capabilities and technical strength are very strong. This is the fundamental reason why I have always supported AE and trusted Ae. But for a successful project, technical capabilities are not all, but one of the important factors, other factors such as marketing capabilities are also indispensable. This is the main reason why I have always emphasized that the Ae team should pay attention to the market and price.
What shall we do? How to increase AE prices? I can only think of the following and look forward to more suggestions.

  1. Change concepts and attach importance to marketing. With reference to ETH, the founder and team should invest a lot of manpower and material resources, spare no effort to run around, keep on roadshows, and keep on marketing. Only then can a strong community and a strong consensus be formed.
  2. Seeking to go online coinbase. The leading exchange Binance has completely delisted AE, which has a great impact on the market. how to respond? Just seek to go online with coinbase. Since coinbase is the first exchange in the United States to obtain a formal license, the AE team can consider cooperating with coinbase. In fact, Coinbase officially announced AE as a candidate list on December 8, 2018, and the possibility of cooperation is still high. If Coinbase is launched, it means that the mainstream market has been recognized, and it will surely let more developers understand AE and participate in the ecological construction of AE.
  3. Pay special attention to the Chinese market. The first mine of Ae was established in China, the Ae genesis block was dug by Chinese miners, and the first microblock bug of Ae was proposed by Chinese technicians. Even under the premise of constant loss of personnel, the Chinese community is still The ecology of the largest Ae community is constantly improving. In any case, please pay attention to the Chinese market.










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goal is to Mars! AE will become the currency in circulation on Mars in the future! People don’t care about value, because money can make founders lose themselves! Come on, AE to zero!

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Since a thing has no value, what else should we talk about? What is worthless, who would like to join it? The good and bad of a thing is first measured by its value, and then by its technology and consensus. The founder didn’t understand such a simple logic, so he advised the founder to go home and raise pigs!

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Perhaps low prices are the original sin. This can create a vicious circle


I don’t agree that attention only comes from price. From my perspective we currently have a very high risk/reward potential.

I personally am blocked by the fact that there wasn’t a working middleware for a long time. The new middleware is a great step forward but still lacks some features. I know I could build it myself but I don’t have the time and motivation to do so.

There is another important issue -> it’s currently still not possible to get information about „internal transactions“ (transactions that are being executed within functions of smart contracts). I am not sure in what future release this will be possible. But it’s also an important feature which hasn’t been implemented for months/years. For this reason developers need to implement a workaround and emit events in the smart contract function to be able to know what’s going on.

I am sure that the missing features are one of the reasons nobody builds on top of aeternity. We still need to empower developers. We are improving but we are moving on very slowly in this area. And this is something I cannot understand.




The team focuses on Africa and India. After taking photos, you can award a short sleeve, which is very popular over there! Such as the star ship project, superheroes, the name is quite tall! Don’t count on the team, just wake up and stop dreaming!


I enticed by the Aeternity power in real world Blockchain application and in built Oracle along with Interportability . Power projects in China(read in a news) , medicine blockchain production automation are the implementations . But collaboration of biggies missing .

Such a superb potential project only lacking on catching the timeline and hype . Future of Blockchain application is ready or can be made ready on this infrastructure . I believe AE can surprise us in mid-term .


0.088 U.S. dollar AE. It’s ridiculous to think about it. At the beginning, one of the currencies with such a bright future was reduced to such a situation! The team had supported so many start-ups at the beginning, but they were all cheated by routine. What’s the problem? The problem is that the founder’s arrogance and prejudice have harmed a large number of AE believers.


Hi @yani.chain @erik.chain @lydia,Chainlink is hiring a lot positions includes Engineering,Business development,Marketing,Operation and others, https://chainlinklabs.com/careers,
Obviously, in terms of the positions they are recruiting, they pay great attention to the market ,especially the Chinese market, All the community members hope that the team can consider the high-quality market. At present, most people think that Africa is really not a good market,I remember someone who mentioned the big market includes China,EU,US,India…,
A product can be sold it out is a good product.


The marketing manager is incompetent




AE consensus has collapsed, almost all currencies are soaring, only AE is falling. Where is consensus and ecology without value?

Yeah simple economics largely lacking from a founder who supposedly studied it along with computer science. Inflated the token to death with no demand. Such a pity for investors that the best block chain software in the world is worthless yet all the BTC and ETH the founders received in the ICO is worth millions. So many people dirty on this project and understandably so.

and @yani.chain keeps sitting silently, not interacting with the community, not explaining anything, not answering questions, and doing nothing about his product. Sad.

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He may has cancelled his account