Why I still can't see the update of AENS

Why can’t I still see the update of AENS. There may be some problems here. I can’t see the update of AENS in the Base wallet.


Not a big problem.

Hey @bigtree.chain,

Can you share some screenshots and the version of your Base aepp?
You mean that you have updated your name and this is not showing in the Base aepp, is that it?

@albena.chain I am using version 0.23.1.
There are some problems here, some names in the name panel are not displayed.
Such as l.chian, 0.chian, etc.

Hey @bigtree.chain, I think you have a second page of names, can you click on it?

No, there is indeed a problem here.

Ok, @milenradkov.chain can you help here, please?