Why is Superhero.com user interface to dorked up?

@aniputapet.chain Did you download them on your mobile phone?

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SuperHero wallet Google Chrome extension and SuperHero.com - desktop. I set all there.
Superhero app Google Play Store - mobile, Android. And than i connected the same SH account by using existing wallet log in (inserting the same wallet seed) on mobile @Winfield

@aniputapet.chain In China,we can’t visit the Google Play Store. What is the wallet seed,where is it?

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@aniputapet.chain @swift @erik.chain @maxkpower @ How to publish an article on superhero.com? Can we ordinary users publish articles? Now it seems like all the articles were published by the developers.Can this be operated on a mobile phone?


Hello Winfield! Anyone can use SH.
It is open source and free for all to use. You can use the platform, tools, and add the widget to your website. As an example of a tip shared by ''ordinary users'' is https://superhero.com/tip/2234_v1 about the event.

So, the point is that superhero.com enables you to gain exposure to any valuable content and to receive tokens without sharing personal data with third parties (quite important, right?). For example, you can support your favorite charitable causes, fundraisers, quality content, musicians, artists, influencers, or simply share an insight about your favourite product, technology, event — anything on the Internet. Just, try :slight_smile: And you will see, it’s super easy peer-to-peer social media platform. Enjoy!

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