Why is Superhero.com user interface to dorked up?

Hello, everyone!

A role which I do not treasure, but one I feel is a useful one - is pointing out simple (yet huge and important) errors in the approach that AEternity is taking. I’ve mentioned this once or twice, but it looks like something a bit more loud/official should be attempted? For our own good. Here goes.


As an example - here’s a one-page screenshot I just took on my phone. Superhero - when I open the page - it shows me that “Live AEid raises funds for Cork Penny Dinners by <AND LIKE 4 more lines of text that is small and long and boring and I’ve stopped reading> AND THEN it goes into a zoom in with 6 MORE useless gray lines of text and some ugly piece-of-photo in the corner and somewhere down to the bottom some meaningless AE number. Great.”

Second image (because only two fit on one page) is the meaningless “Deserves more tips: a bunch of random hashes - followed by a big fat block of empty gray space with 'Unchain Convention 2020” and another cut-off picture to the right of it.

So, a full front page - actual information transferred from it into my head is - close to zero. I still don’t know anything. NOW WHY WOULD I CARE AND WOULD I WANT TO COME BACK HERE?

Compare this to a really really really popular website called… www.reddit.com. Sure you’ve heard of it.

Front page - filled with stacked short lines that tell me what each story is about

  1. What’s your “never again” brand, item, store or restaurant?
  2. ‘I’m shaking right now’: CNN reporter describes 3 racist attacks within an hour - CNN Video
  3. “That’s what I do.”
  4. Lyon shooting: Orthodox priest seriously wounded

These all give me a quick few-words description of it - and useful data like upvotes (described by a picture) prizes (described by a picture) and comments (descrbed by a picture)

The same size page (and with a big paid story taking up a good chunk) - gives me 5 discrete and interesting stories to read.

5 interesting things vs. 2 empty or boring things

!!!AND IT GETS WORSE!!! When I open this up on my computer (no screenshots, sorry) - I can read 3 (THREE) stories on Superhero.com and 13! - THIRTEEN - on www.reddit.com.

How are you guys honestly believing that this is something that will catch on? Why, in your mind, would people come to the website? To read things that others have up-voted, right? But you realize that those things have to ALSO be interesting and have some sort of a ‘lead’ - for the visitor to follow and engage?

Like, it’s the sign of an amateur operation to just roll something out and then don’t spend ANY time fine-tuning it and making it better and fixing the rushed holes. Really suggest you guys spend some time and $ improving this as soon as you can - before it’s too late… even too later.



P.S. The sidebar on PC TODAY says “18252.18AE (~ €1,482.97) Total Tips Value 9116.66AE (~ €740.72) Total Tips Claimed” right now.

This same side-bar said “17972.73AE(~ €1,779.88) Total Tips Value 8926.06AE(~ €883.97) Total Tips Claimed” on 10/11 - 3 WEEKS AGO.

So, somehow both of the values have decreased in 3 weeks.

THAT adds confidence in the whole thing, let me tell ya… :confused:


Hey Swift,

thanks a lot for your feedback! To quickly introduce myself: I am Max, and just recently began working on Superhero as Product Owner. I fully agree with everything you are saying. Currently, Superhero is boring and the User Experience is terrible! Nevertheless, it is important to note that this is a very early phase of the product. We are working very hard to radically improve everything about Superhero. In the past weeks, we have restructured the team, hired new designers, and assessed our general strategy for Superhero. Let me assure you, that there will be a lot of very exciting news coming up very soon!


Why does sharing a microblog have to be accompanied by a URL? It’s terrible!


Hey Janson,
In our current sprint, we are working on a new feature which will enable posting without tipping/posting without URL, this will be finalized within the next weeks.


Can you provide superhero apk on GitHub? In some areas, people cannot access the Google App Store and superhero web wallet.


This site can’t be reached
wallet.superhero.com refused to connect.

Checking the connection

Why superhero can’t log in smoothly?Doesn’t anyone check performance of application development?

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We will do this, thanks for the Feedback!

This website(http://www.reddit.com/ )can’t be log in,we can’t not see what is in it.

Hey BlackCat,

we have published the APK in our latest release on GitHub:


That’s great. Thank you very much.


Looking good :grinning:

Why can not register a name? It showed like this when I register a name with the superhero APK.

This could be due to a lack of balance or the wrong network. You can select the Mainnet under Settings -> Networks. We are currently also working on better error messages that communicate the issues more clearly.

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There are some mistakes here. When I log in to my wallet with the recovery option and start superhero again, the wallet information is missing.

What I selected is the main network but still doesn’t work.Could you please make a registered video or a picture file that shows the steps.

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@Winfield @BlackCat.chain @bigtree.chain @Janson @swift Could you please report your issues directly to the developers by filing an issue here?

I have had the same problem, but then i installed the chrome extension ( LINK ) and all is good now (ok, i still have some minor error messages, but successfully registered .chain name as well :slight_smile: )

What I can observe by being #superhero member for some time now - is that team deals with daily issues very efficient and fast! Just keep it up! @maxkpower :blush: :+1: :+1:


@Ani How to download chrome extension, ‘’(LINK 3) ‘’ what you provided can not be logged in in China?

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Hi @Winfield what I’ve shared is link to the Chrome Extension - or simply search ‘‘SuperHero Wallet’’ in extensions. Maybe this can be useful as well: https://github.com/aeternity/superhero-wallet/releases/tag/v0.4.2 shared above by @maxkpower