Why the development of next-generation blockchain platforms must be led by the community


Hey everyone,

Check out this great piece by @ae-vlad on the significance of the community for the development of next-gen blockchain platforms.

Vlad argues that blockchain is a communal effort and that the community input is imperative for the future of the technology and the key to its mainstream adoption.

Thank you all for supporting æternity :slight_smile: We greatly appreciate you!


I agree with the article but it works both ways - ie the community must involve itself in the classic avenues as well so that they account for Aeternity’s existence. For example the ITU has a Distributed Ledger Technology Focus Group (https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/focusgroups/dlt/Pages/default.aspx) that is setting the stage for international standards on blockchain. I’m too new to either (Aeternity, Focus Group) to know whether things like their draft architecture (which I’d be happy to supply a copy to anyone interested) account for Aeternity’s capabilities (I know Aeternity is not mentioned by name in the doc).


Of course, for sure the community support is one of the most important points in the crypto world, so in order to get the market out of ‘down conditions’ it’s important for the community itself to support crypto