Windows builds depreciation

Hi all,

Clean up time.

We used to have Windows builds of the AEternity node. This was aiming to allow users to spawn nodes on their Windows machines, but it was never meant to be used for efficient mining. Although the aim was reached - one could easily deploy a node on a Windows machine, this never got any traction from the users. It looks like all the peers out there seem to be hardcore Linux or MacOS users :heart:

For months now, the Windows build system is broken, there is a GitHub issue about it:

On the other hand no one ever complained for the lack of Windows support. Thus this might as well be better stopped rather than fixed.

Since we are committed providing support to the user base, if you need it, we would fix it. If you don’t need it though, we better deprecate it for good.

Please share your thoughts. If no one objects, we will start the process of depreciation in 7 days time.

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Actually dropping the support for windows will allow us to close this issue as well

…without polluting the system test suite with unnecessary tests.

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Thanks @dimitar.chain ! As a heads up, on documentation side we are also removing any guide related to windows node installation. It’s always best to keep it simple but working.

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Since no-one spoke, we would put this on our schedule, cc @dincho. I am closing the thread.

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