Withdrawal from Bitvavo after delisting

After Bitvavo delisted Ae they cancelled withdrawal for several weeks. 2021-02-10 after withdrawal activation i tried to withdraw to exx exchange, however my Ae hasn’t arrived yet. What can be the issue?

This is my transaction id: th_2bdQT4juXbZ1ZGJwuhTEdjE6JgnuviDwrkbR8mH41iwSNdwQDF

Did you try to contact their support? If yes, what did they say?

Show them that you already had 2400 confirmations, more than enough I would say: https://www.aeknow.org/block/transaction/th_2bdQT4juXbZ1ZGJwuhTEdjE6JgnuviDwrkbR8mH41iwSNdwQDF

If you sent to gate.io you need to ask them to manually confirm you transaction.

I mailed support yesterday, but if i check the transactions of my exx wallet 15 minutes after my deposit their is activity from my exx wallet to a different address with over 6 mil (exx main wallet i suppose)

I mailed support yesterday, but it seems their support isn’t that active. I saw a transaction from my exx wallet to their main wallet 15 minutes after my deposit. They can’t just hold my ae for so long right?