[Withdrawn] Governance Aepp Improvements

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Status: Withdrawn on the 08.02.2023
Last updated: 08.02.2023
Submited by First Name, Last Name, E-Mail: Philipp
Team: Philipp
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: (est.) 140h

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Open Source Development

Application Title

Governance Aepp Improvements


Philipp (Unit 214)

Value Application

Improve the governance aepp to be viable for community and foundation polls.

Definition of Terms

See Required Work

Status Quo

The governance aepp works and is publicly available, it has some maintainance work accumulated and potential improvement possibilities have been unlocked by the latest hard-fork.

Required Work

  • update app and backend services (vuejs build, store and other dependency updates)
  • upgrade contracts to use contract factories for secure poll deployment
    - add verification mechanism for polls, e.g. using the naming system
  • currated poll list (similar to dex tokenlist, e.g. via github collaboration)
  • activity based accounts stake calculation (e.g. only consider stake active in last 1 year/month)


Total 140h of development time are estimated for above tasks.
I’ll be able to spend 1-2 days per week on this, a possible delivery date could be 31.3.2023

Known Limitations

Although we aim at delivering all proposed features as outlined, there may be some shift of priorities that need to be worked on by the team, thus not every proposed item is potentially being delivered.


AEX-9 (Fungible Token) support could be the next development topic in a follow-up application


During development there will be new releases published and deployed continuously.
We publish our work in the official AE repositories.


Maintenance is part of the proposal for one year from approval if approved grant timeframe is one year.


It is a great idea. If I may I would add a feature request: since the polls are all on the chain, it is decentralised by design but it would be great if the front end allows its operator to curate which polls to visualise - and maybe visualising all the rest in another tab. If someone does not like my curated list, they can run their own front end.


thats a good idea, similar on how the dex filters tokens

as discussed with @lydia and @dimitar.chain it will also make sense to show another stake number, based on past token activity, e.g. only show stake of accounts were active in the last month/year.

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For now withdrawing the application as unpaid maintainance can’t be included from my side.

Dear @philipp.chain, thanks for the application. The maintenance requirement is for every application to ensure the quality of the software at least for one year.

As written personally, I am happy to provide maintenance and ensure the quality of the software if some kind of agreement is found where this is compensated for or limited in terms of potential effort.

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