WoolyPooly.com - New Ae Mining Pool

Aeternity, welcome to WoolyPooly mining pool fam!

Connection - ae.woolypooly.com:20000

Full mining guide - https://medium.com/@Woolypooly_com/how-to-mine-aeternity-ae-c4143aae7e6b

Why You Should Mine Aeternity (AE) on WoolyPooly.com?

  1. Very low ping from Europe.
  2. Low fee - just 0.9% PPLNS
  3. Pool hashrate = miner hashrate
  4. Fast payouts - we pay you as soon as your 10 Ae coins been matured. We don’t hold your coins.

Hello @WoolyPooly and welcome! Thank you for adding AE to your mining pool! We will spread the word around :wink:


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Thanks is coming from the aeternity crypto foundation too. We will soon announce our support and spread the news for WoolyPooly as well. Let us successfully mine the first block together!


Congrats with first AE block!


Fantastic - you are very welcome in our community! It is great to see new pools establishing.

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Pls reply to my email.

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Will do! Thank you for your support.

Dear Ae miners,

We as a pool operator confirm that Ae network works smooth and welcome all miners on our woolypooly.com pool!

Mining guide is here https://medium.com/@Woolypooly_com/how-to-mine-aeternity-ae-c4143aae7e6b


glad to read!

dear miners, please spread out more evenly across the different mining pools. less mining centralization will be good for AE and its blockchain!

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Is there a place to view how spread out or not ae mining is?