Workshop on Coding with Functional Programming on æternity - Paris, France, Jan 11, 2020

Hello everyone,

æternity’s æmbassadors Manel Ruiz & Nelson Melina invite you to a meetup in Paris, France this Saturday.

They’ll hold a workshop on Coding with Functional Programming on æternity.

Bear in mind that the workshop will be preceded by a talk on æternity at the P2P Meet-up Zone - get the details below:

Coding with Functional Programming on Aeternity

Saturday, Jan 11, 2020, 2:00 PM

Ground Control
81 Rue du Charolais Paris, FR

3 Peers Attending

Workshop by Manel Ruiz & Nelson Melina, Aeternity NB: There is a talk on Aeternity one hour before the workshop at the P2P Meet-up Zone, highly recommended before attending this workshop. Aeternity has developed a functional programing language for smart contracts called Sophia, a "dialect" of Reason ML. To help developers get into It, we have crea...

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