Wow!I found an interesting AEX9

I found an interesting AEX9 Token。
Redeem 1 RPT in Box aepp or superhero dex to get unlimited respawn.


This is the contract address, there’s no cap on the total amount, but it only starts with 1

When you have 1RPT, you can share it with your friends indefinitely, and your balance will always be +1

It has a total limit, a maximum of 21 million. Same as BTC, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8… Output also fell.

Wow nice! Do you mind explaining more about how it works?


Sorry, I don’t know any more, I just know it’s fun!
You can swap 1 Dex to try it out, it’s really fun!


Sounds nice.
Could you elaborate more on it?