Writers Contest Winners - How Will Blockchain Technology Enter the Mainstream?


Hello everyone,

As you all know, we had a contest a while ago for experienced blockchain writers and we have shortlisted several authors :slight_smile:

As part of their reward, the selected pieces will be published in the æternity blog and the first one is already here!

Read below the reflections of @abedwo on “How Will Blockchain Technology Enter the Mainstream?”:

Happy reading!


Hello everyone,

Let’s kick-start the week with another great essay coming from the community :slight_smile:

The second winning piece on the blockchain’s path towards mass adoption is produced by æternity’s long-time supporter Josh aka @Drugzbymail :slight_smile:

Check it out below and tell us what you think:



Hello again æstronauts!

The third essay coming from the community is here!

This time, @pantsme explores how blockchain will enter the mainstream, and argues that there are no barriers to mass adoption but imagination :slight_smile:

Very inspiring, right? Read the whole piece below:

Share your thoughts!


Hello everyone,

Here is the fourth and last winning essay coming from the AE community!

@xiahui135 argues that the only way for blockchain to go mainstream is through wider cryptocurrency adoption!

And what other project is better prepared to lead that revolution than æternity, right?



yes. Blockchain tech is about network tech.
Updating the official website is the key to start to attract new users. Developers will not come unless AE have more holders.