Yani, you need to solve these problems as soon as possible!

When will the governance aepp go live?

Aeternity mainnet has been online for almost 2 years, and POS governance is still in the initialization stage. Is it necessary to wait until 100 to achieve governance?

When will the official white paper be completed?

Since October last year, the Chinese community has started the translation of the AETERNITY Chinese version of the white paper, but the official has not yet finished writing the English version of the white paper. . Did Yani expel the person who wrote the white paper?

BRI funds should be spent on community voting to determine spending

We all know that bri is a profit robbed from miners, so the expenditure of these funds should be decided by the community rather than the official decision, which is contrary to the essence of blockchain.

Officials should disclose the transparency of funds

I suspect that the official funds have been exhausted for a long time, but the official has updated the team members a while ago, which makes me wonder how the official funds come from, and whether it has been related to the AE value has been falling. So I think it is necessary for the official to announce the flow of funds.

The AE Foundation should publicly review lessons from past investment failures.

We all know that the official has been holding the Star Fleet to try to incubate more internal projects, but so far these projects have died 99%. The remaining 1% is because they haven’t got all the money left. The foundation should make a profound review of the community because you are wasting our money and time.

The Foundation should increase investment in Chinese community projects

We all know that the popular projects on AE are all completed by the Chinese community. Increasing investment in the Chinese community is to save AETERNITY. The purpose of the fund is not to save money but to think about how to give money to those who really continue to develop in AE.



@yani.chain I think we need to determine the order of events now. We need to figure out what aeternity is missing most now.

Things that do not matter can be set aside. Such as the discussion of pos and pow, the publication of white papers, the details of BRI capital expenditures, etc. @KANKAN101 Do you think the white paper is really so important for aeternity now?

What is the most important thing for aeternity now? I think it is to promote the core functions of aeternity, let people realize the greatness of aeternity technology, and then attract a lot of developers and investors.

Superhero is indeed a good start, and Oracle has played a very good role. But we need more use cases, such as state channel, aeternity name systems, etc.


@yani.chain 我知道你会用翻译软件,区块链发展的初衷就是去中心化和透明化,AE项目已经背离了这个目的, 如果AE项目连区块链最基本去中心化和透明化都做不到,我相信不会有人愿意使用这样的链。作为一个创始人,任何人都可以说:如果不喜欢AE,就把它交易了。但是你不能说这句话,只是因为AE是一个ICO项目,而不是团队自掏腰包的项目,请注意你言辞,V神从来没有说过,你不喜欢ETH,那你就卖了他吧!请不要经常去碰瓷V神,你们的精神差距太大了,在他面前你就是一个小孩子,小矮子!

English translation:
Brother, Yan Ni will definitely not reply to you, this post will definitely be harmonized soon! Regarding the questions you mentioned, I will summarize: ①The money used by the team is from the AE community, and every money should be open and transparent. ②The investment of each project developed by the team is basically 100,000 US dollars, but this one project in China, outsourcing only requires 10,000 US dollars, so these projects are suspected of money laundering. ③BRI pumping is achieved by voting, but why can’t the use of BRI be decided by voting? ④ As a founder of the AE team, Yan Ni came to China only during the ICO period and never came again after the fund preparation was completed. This is also the gap between him and V God (V God is often in China), so there is a community fund Yan Ni’s personal cash dispenser ⑤ Yan Ni’s attitude towards weture also directly shows that he knows nothing about the capital market. For this suggestion, you can look at Liu Shao’s post. Therefore, from the current situation, the team of financial transparency will definitely not do it, the BRI voting team will not do it, the further management team of the voting system will not do it, and the investment video review team will not do it (but not My own money, but also for money laundering, from a team account to a personal account), will not do to the investment team of the Chinese community (the community is Yan Ni’s private cash machine).

I don’t quite agree with your idea, AE is already a mature public chain. Why are there so few developers? Is the technology bad? The root cause is that the team did not update the technical information in time! Now that the mainnet development stage has been completed, you should update the technical information in a timely manner to guide geeks to quickly build their own applications instead of letting geeks explore it. No one wants to waste time doing something they are not good at.
I mention the white paper because I think the efficiency of the team is too low. Things that can be done in a week have dragged on for months. This efficiency can only be starved to death in China. Because no one wants to work hard with a group of lazy people!

Therefore, I think that perfecting technical data and optimizing development tools are the top priority of the team now.


It should not be called a white paper now, but an AE brochure.
But it did come a little late.

The current AE development, except for the forum question why is it wrong? what should I do? Other things related to development, it does not have a relatively uniform and convenient entrance.

Currently 90% of Chinese developers are at two extremes.

  1. I don’t know about environment configuration or background development.
  2. I will not develop front-end.

More often than not, unless you have participated in other public chain development developers, you can hardly find a developer who can understand the aepp development process.

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I read forum posts even if I do not comment on every post. Input from the community has helped shape what the Communications Team and I have done thus far in my 2 months as Interim CMO.

I am listening - and moreso trying to do thingsbased on what I learn from listening. One of my first actions as Interim CMO was to show support to the community working hard with aeternity in China - in ways that I can from/with aeternity’s Communication Marketing Team. We are excited to have completed 2 episodes of SuperheroLeague in China to present just some of the projects that deserve to be seen, promoted, and embraced. I am making sure posts in English spread the news of Chinese projects and making sure videos made of projects in Chinese are translated into English. I have further opportunities in the works for growing interactions and projects together across the ocean, time zones, languages with those in China.

While I may not agree with all the points in this thread - I like to think we can all agree that continually identifying what is most needed, focusing, and completing that most needed are pivotal for public use and growth of any technology - especially a decentralized one like blockchain.

I also understand your frustration as someone who is looking for the things needed to participate better with aeternity as a developer, investor, blockchain advocate, entrepreneur, etc… This is why I’m jumping into this thread and working as hard as I am to daily show that not only are you being heard but that your input matters in what aeternity is doing.

the governance app is live. for some time already. haven’t seen much activity - but this does not necessarily mean something bad. maybe most of the AE users are happy with the development, thus don’t want to mess with it? also, we had initiated one on-chain vote for the BRI using the first version of the governance app. @philipp.chain can maybe share more details on the end results and how you guys can verify this.

we are currently also integrating voting into the superhero app, so that more users can participate more easily in the near future.

Complete is the wrong word. IMO complex living software is never complete, otherwise death. Here you can find the currently most recent version: https://github.com/keypair/white-paper/raw/master/aeternity-whitepaper.pdf would be great to have a chinese version of it rather sooner than later.

I think the miners would disagree, since they enforced the hardfork for the BRI. AE users voted for spending the BRI on core development, thus it can’t be currently used for community development. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I assume that you mean me and people I work with as “officials”. I can’t speak for everyone who has been working with aeternity blockchain but we are one of the most transparent teams in the crypto space, aren’t we? There have been many public updates on what has been worked on. You can follow the development in real-time on github. Also check the updates from the aeternity crypto foundation. But for sure we can improve and strive for even more transparency, also having such discussions public.

Starfleet is a product of aeternity ventures and not of the aeternity crypto foundation. @NikolatheBoss.chain @lukaskywalker.chain maybe you want to update on the success of these projects. I think most of them are doing surprisingly well, even-though that one should expect that 90% of them fail, since this is normal for startups.

IMO if they are aeternity core related projects, then the aeternity crypto foundation is indeed the right partner. the foundation has recently opened its application process to the public here inside this forum. I think you have seen it. The process is as transparent as possible. if you have issues with the foundation, direct them please to them, ideally also transparently in the forum, so that the community can also participate.

Then, some comments on the chinese troll above:
In case you disagree with the BRI going to the foundation (I totally understand this), the way forward would be to initiate a new on-chain vote to remove the BRI, give it to other projects, or … …
Further, I have been many times to China, last time to HK about a year ago. Also Japan and South Korea and Taiwan. According to the Chinese government HK and Taiwan is part of China, isn’t it?
Moreover, LiuShao deleted his post about “superheroes are terrible” himself. I personally appreciate that there are such community initiatives but I don’t feel like a user of wetrue myself, at least at its current stage. Maybe Chinese people should reuse the aepps which have been build already and relaunch them for the chinese market with different brand and style which fits better for the chinese mindset and culture? I am not a china expert and not sure how I can help, but I will try.



Yes, the Super League of Legends meeting was held successfully last night. The guest speeches were very exciting. In the interactive session, the community members were very active and enthusiastic. They all wanted to contribute a little to their own strength in the field. Yes, they are the seeds of community development and growth. And we will broadcast a seed like this one.


I admit that the questions I raised are more acute. But these problems are objective facts. I do n’t know how the working hours in foreign countries are stipulated, but I can tell you that they are not full-time developers in China. They have completed aechina.io, wetrue.io, aeknow.org, aeknow.chain in their spare time aeasy.io, asns.io and so on. So some of the code and technical verification are slowly explored by themselves. They contribute 3-4 hours to AE for free every night. Is it worth the $ 10w to invest in venture capital projects that run at any time? Why not give them the 10w dollars and let them develop a better aepp? Next year will be the blast period for BTC, and we are running out of time. I don’t want to see AE fall on the eve of the bull market.

I am not too in-tune with the specifics of the questions raised above, but I would like to add a voice to the general tone expressed in the message above. Please allow it to be a not-overly-technical one. It certainly seems that the AE project is ‘finally ready to move’ but for some reason ‘is not moving’ as urgently as it needs to be - and is wasting the crucial days. And I’m not certain if the urgency is being felt/expressed to the level that it should be.

In a few short months, (so they say) ETH2 will land - and then there’ll be a big loud thing to compete against that has (if they manage to get POS working) a big advantage.

-SuperHero is definitely a great development, and some AEPPs are finally slowly coming online - but why hasn’t the core team internally developed an AEPP or two - to kick-start the public perception of AE and allow the network to become useable and useful to the general public?

-Maybe the airdrop would get something going. People like free things. :wink:

-I’m not sure what other ideas can be extended - but with this forum being posted 10 times a day and with the reddit forum having a one-or-two posts a day - that’s a very discouraging image of the state of things in a new and world-changing platform.

I really wish that a group discussion/effort could begin to figure out how this can be changed. Also, if you guys need hands-on publicity help, please PM away!

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I have to say you guys do bring up really valid points. Regarding ETH 2.0 I totally agree we need to act. I assume some ETH dapps will take a wait-and-see stance until ETH 2.0 is released but I doubt that Ethereum would be able to deliver something ready this year–and definitely not as good as what aeternity has.

Moving forward, we need to really kick off a more aggressive effort to onboard Ethereum dapps to migrate to aeternity. Work is underway on this end, but we definitely need community input and help.

Apart from that, all existing applications built on/are using aeternity need to be given focus and I think that Superhero League conference is a really good platform for this. We need to work together to increase user base for all of these applications. Proportionally, this is good for public perception and will attract more users and hopefully builders onto the platform.

I think these are good starting points.


Thank you for the considerate response. I am sure that there are a lot of things that could/will be done to get this accomplished.

One approach that I would suggest is establishing a weekly deliverables map - with detailed goals and discrete dates/targets - and working towards that. Generalized ‘we need to improve things’ goals never result in much serious advancement. Or at least definitely not in the timely kind.

Really wish that the community was more involved in this discussion - and that more voices were being herard, even now.

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my personal biggest concern is that from my point of view there aren’t any independent researchers and developers driving the innovation of the protocol compared to ethereum and others - although the development is very transparent and everyone can lookup the github repositories. only very few people really know what’s going on and what’s being developed. and for outside people this looks very uncoordinated :frowning:

I would like to see more open communication about protocol and æcosystem development. back then we had those weekly developer calls. maybe this was a bit inefficient, but as “outside” user everybody could get a feeling what’s going on. this currently isn’t the case anymore.

aeproject e.g. seems to be not further developed although marked as THE tool to write Sophia smart contracts. last commit was on 28th of February.

we don’t know anything about the plans to release the iris hardfork and what will be included in this fork, do we?!


As yani said, the BRI vote was the successor to the current governance aepp, which was not fully ready with delegation at the time. All polls in current governance have a “verify the poll result” in the bottom, linking to the fully open source implementation of the governance aepp and a script that allows you to calculate the results of the poll by only connecting to your own node. https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-governance/blob/master/docs/how-to-verify-results.md This does not indicate how a result should be interpreted or what future proceedings should be, just the result of weighted delegated polling according to the rules of aepp and contract. If there is any question or issue with this, please let me know.

I agree with yani here, miners were free not to update to the version of aeternity that included BRI, but they did choose to allocate funds for sustainable development of the core.

@yani.chain I think the question was specifically about transparency of funds, not general development and updates.

Maybe someone from foundation could also add their opinion here @lydia maybe?

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The AE Foundation should publicly review lessons from past investment failures.

Please tell us which past investment failures do you mean in order to discuss that here. The Grant Reports were posted in the forum and on the web site last years.
The application process is transparently presented in the forum. Any suggestion how to make it better are welcome!
The Foundation had supported Chinese projects in the past and will support in the future. We are happy to have an experience Chinese developers in the community.
The application rule are the same for all applicants. The hardware costs in the Chinese application are more the 50%. So do we need to support hardware in the future or use the budget only for software development? What do you think about that? The budget is limited and the core development has priority.


First of all, it is wrong to apply for a hardware cost of more than 50% in a Chinese project. The vast majority of Chinese developers waste private rest time developing without calculating any work costs.

Comparing similar projects horizontally, you can well see that the application fees for development projects in China are not high, or even lower than other projects.

Our application for this fund has nothing to do with voluntary development. If we can’t develop voluntarily, we still need to spend money to buy hardware.

Just like you can help the company to print documents for free, but the company does not have a printer, you need to help the company to buy the printer, the required funds still need you to pay.

首先,中国项目所申请的硬件成本超过50%这是错误的。 中国的开发者绝大部分是投入私人休息时间开发,没有计算任何工作成本。





Thank you for joining this topic!
AE Ventures
The first
the second
The above is the information I collected last year. I don’t know how much you know. Are these projects alive now? No feedback at all!
You mentioned that the cost of applying for hardware in the Chinese community exceeds 50%.
This proves that there are no false applications by members of the Chinese community!
All software requires hardware to carry it, just like your HP computer, you must buy a computer before you can run windows.
The cost of the Chinese community application basically has no profit!
Please trust the Chinese community, they are very trustworthy!


I think we should compare the cost of similar projects. You can learn about the 996 of Chinese Internet culture. They are very diligent in development, and they don’t pay anything in return, so they just spend their money on hardware. Compare similar projects in the past and you will be very clear. The statement is for reference only.

Unfortunately, 99% of the above projects have disappeared, have no maintenance, or have been separated from the AE. These projects are not the AE ecology now. Please correct. thank you





Supplement: The evaluation criteria should focus more on the significance for community development.

Of course, for example, I can increase the application quota and include my working hours in the development cost. Every hour I use the lowest standard of Chinese developers per capita to calculate about 90 yuan ≈ 13USD, (aeasy.io developer Baixin as an example, he Hourly salary of about $35, not including social benefits), so that it does not make people feel that the hardware investment is too high.

Of course, we can apply for the fund in another way. Only calculating the software development cost, promotion cost, and a little tea fee, so that the hardware cost can be reduced to 0%, we are happy to do so.

This is no different from market merchants, we are just optimistic and unwilling to turn it into a business.