Your feedback needed: Find the value inside this TX!

Hello everyone, we would like to have some feedback on your experience solving a “challenge”.

The supercool new dAepp MOMP by @genievot just transfered me some AE from its smart contract, via Chain.spend.

As you know, the transaction explorer currently doesn’t list this type of transfers yet: æternity Explorer

The middleware is indexing them though and you can find out, how much AE the contract transfered me!

This is the transaction ID: th_2Rk5TKehGqymrNWiVgJgU9Vw8MFgfx5jtKaWgWaYx3nvk4c4hu

The API documentation of the middleware can be found here:
And there is a hosted middleware reachable at where you can point your API calls to.

Important: If you find the solution, please don’t post it in cleartext use spoiler :
image , don’t post the solution please.

Please tell us:

  • How was your experience figuring out the solution ?
  • Were you missing something at some point, was everything where you expected it to be and if not,
  • Was it hard to find the right place to look at ?
  • Did it take you longer than you would expect it to take ?
  • Do you have any wishes or other comments ?

I had great fun finding the answer, though I took a slightly alternative route. I just grabbed the transaction from the node, and then asked the node to kindly dry-run it for me (on-top of the previous block) and that gave me the answer. Total time spent ~5 minutes.

You were sent 1AE