Youtube video of webinar-2 is taken down?



The WEBINAR-2 (1/8/18 session) with the 1st 2min+ missing audio is no longer available on youtube

i sense shady things happening, someone is being mistreated here…

CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN??? (i was cut off half way into watching the WEBINAR-2)


Up… reply… 20…


Hey @frozen2banana,

Please refrain from using inappropriate language in the forum.

We are currently experiencing technical issues with YouTube and we are waiting for their support so we can put the video back on.

Please be patient, the video will be available again shortly.

The AE Team


lol very funny, i’m not that stupid…

youtube doesn’t immediately take down flagged videos, especially not for accounts with previous posted videos which were ok, i use youtube myself and am keenly aware of how they work with algorithm flagging,
any manual review would show that there’s nothing explicit or illicit with the video hence perfectly fine…

what i see here is that WEBINAR-2 revealed info that was “sensitive”, we are all highly interested in what that info was, i watched it only half way, if anyone watched it fully or watched it live, try to recall what that “sensitive” info was and post it here, also all over the internet so they can’t hide

The reposted video that is coming later will have the “sensitive” info edited out, anyone who watched it fully or watched it live can double check to prove my point, in the meantime i have already gotten some parts of the video from archive sites, will post what i can later, trying to improve the quality…

There is something fishy here, find it, there’s a reason why “mainnet” keeps getting delayed forever (now Sept’18) the way i see it someone is buying time, find out what’s wrong with this situation, suspicious isn’t it?


I participated in the live webinar and I can assure you there is no big conspiracy or leak of sensitive information. I think you are letting your imagination get the best of you. There was technical difficulties with audio at the beginning of the webinar so that might be what they are referring to. I am sure you are a YouTube expert but there there is nothing that needs to be “edited out”. Relax…take a chill pill.


Hey guys! I had some technical issues with YouTube when I tried to remove the first 2 minutes of echo. Had to take it down because it started with some horrible music (long story). It is a bit trimmed in the beginning and the end (unintentionally) but 99% of all content is still there. YouTube’s Studio Beta exhibited some illogical/unexpected behavior and botched the recording a bit.

I already created an internal video explanation of what happened with YouTube’s edit tools and why you should never use Studio Beta.

The webinar is live again and you can access it here. To watch my pre-recorded presentation in its entirety, you can go here.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but YouTube really surprised me with its bad online editing tools.



No conspiracy here :slight_smile: