2nd æternity meetup in Montréal


The second meetup in Montréal was a great success, lots of positive feedback! Majority of the audience had heard of bitcoin/blockchains in the past but were not so familiar with the concepts in detail, so I covered a lot of content including but not limited to: history & motivation of bitcoin, inner workings of blockchains in terms of protocol, transactions, mining, etc., advantages, challenges, and how æternity solves key issues such as scalability and usability. Of course, this naturally led to an intro into æternity’s state channels, and their advantages such as speed, higher transaction throughput, increased privacy, lower costs, etc. Additionally, I presented other related concepts such as Layer 0/1/2 to shed light on the significance of æternity’s approach, touched upon æternity’s proof of work going into key blocks and micro blocks, and talked about the features and how simple yet powerful the base æpp is! I held a quiz at the end as well with prizes and opened the floor to Q&A! All in all this was another long meetup, the night was finally done after 3 hours!


Excellent work @justin! :star_struck::clap::clap:

Please tell us more details about the questions of the audience and if you discussed relevant use cases for æpps on the æternity blockchain. :bulb:


[including questions during my presentation and the Q&A session, in no particular order]
Why is æternity better than other blockchains?
Is æternity using proof of work or proof of stake?
Do 51% attacks exist?
Did crypto [actually] succeed in solving problems with fiat money?
Why are you organizing these events?
How can I buy crypto with cash?
Is the base æpp live and ready?
How can I go from crypto to let’s say buying a coffee?
Can I store bitcoin in the base æpp?
Are you part of the æternity team?
Are state channels unique to æternity / Are there other blockchains implementing state channels?
Have you heard of Holochain?

As far as real world use cases, we did not have anything concrete. We talked about reducing transaction costs if we leverage state channels for a business like the bar we were at, but nothing in great detail. Only a few had heard about ‘smart contracts’.