A Pdf Sharing Dapp On The Aeternity Blockchain Platform

Hello All

As part of the Haeckerthon i decided to share this dapp that i built . PDfSafe is a dapp built on the Aeternity and Ipfs Platform for saving pdf and sharing pdf files among developers .
PDfSaef provides a way for developers to easily save ebooks in pdf format on the bockchain, and other developers who need such books can easily get it.
This works using a peer to peer system where users can directly send books and other documents to other users any place in the world without third parties tampering with the contents. Data shared will be stored on the blockchain, will be discrete and properly encrpypted so that it cant be tampered or altered

Github link to the whole project https://github.com/GoodnessEzeokafor/decentralized-pdf-sharing-platform
Github link to the contract https://github.com/GoodnessEzeokafor/decentralized-pdf-sharing-platform/blob/master/File.aes


@emin.chain @pehah @albena.chain

Thank you for sharing and for hacking with us @Goodness :slight_smile:

@emin.chain or @pegah.chain will get back to you!