[Active] Grant Application - Developer Study Jæm - Oyo State

Developer Study Jæm - Oyo State

Application Status

Status: Approved on the 14.12.2021, submitted on the 20.11.2021
Last updated: 20.11.2021
Submited by: Emmanuel Joseph
Team: @aekiti
E-Mail: [email protected]
Category: Community Growth
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):


This workshop is an organized, time-bound technique series aimed to gather developers from the various tech communities in the University of Ibadan. Uniting them with their varied expertise in software development to learn, collaborate, code, and build solutions using æternity technologies. Unlike regular workshops, the ækiti æmbassy helps in tutoring these developers æternity technologies and making them compete amidst themselves to develop solutions using æternity technologies.


The proposed start date for the Study Jæm Workshop series is Wednesday 12th January 2020


The proposed venue for the Study Jæm is LPI Innovation Hub, Appleton Road (Tech. Road), University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. See Google Maps for more.


  • Learning how to use aepp-cli
  • Learning how to use aepp-sdk-js
  • Learning how to write Oracle codes
  • Getting 20 developers for the workshop
  • Understanding how to write Sophia codes
  • Getting developers to compete in the series competition
  • Getting a working environment space for æternity developers
  • Getting more æternity developers in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Creating æternity community for developers in Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Learning how to connect Smart Contract with the web using JS SDK


Team Members.

Emmanuel Joseph(JET)

@emmanueljet is the ækiti æmbassy æmbassdor that passed the region based exam for the role of Nigeria lead æmbassador before the commencement of the æUnited initiative. He is a Blockchain Enthusiast as a Web Developer and Community Builder. He was the first Nigerian to finish the æternity development 101 course on dacade, and with his team won the best æpp at Ekiti 2019 Hackathon. He also led the Superchat æpp development that participated in the HumanDefiHæck and won the community award. He has contributed to the æternity ecosystem by developing video & article-based tutorials, technical workshops, virtual events, and a lot more. He will again lead the Developer Study Jæm as an onsite lead facilitator, manager, and assistant to other required roles.

Total Hours - 100 hours (Time spent on workshops, onsite publicity, competition, and management)

Yinka Adedokun

@yinkaenoch is a jæmmer with a medal from the Ekiti Study Jæm Series. To have jæmmers facilitate other series (A mentioned goal in the Ekiti State Series), Yinka fit into this role due to his commitment in the Ekiti Study Jæm series. He is a web developer with proficient skills in JavaScript (React, Angular, & Node), HTML, CSS. Starting from the Ekiti Study Jæm, he has experience writing Sophia smart contracts codes, Oracle codes that he developed a Sophia VIM syntax extension to aid his development. He participated in team-based HumanDefiHæck and won the “Most impactful project” award in the Akshwani Hæck. He will be the onsite co-lead facilitator for the Ibadan Developer Study Jæm.

Total Hours - 50 hours (Time spent on workshop and competition)

Chidinma Amanna

@chiamanna has been the ækiti social media manager since the community’s inception. She is also a copywriter, photographer and works with the æmbassy for client-based projects (https://delighthotelandsuites.com). She also has experience in community management as she has been a great help from the Ekiti Study Jæm series to the SuperheroLeagues and other ækiti æmbassy based events and workshops. She will again be the promoter for Developer Study Jæm, where she will be in charge of the online publicity.

Total Hours - 25 hours (Time spent on social media engagements)

Blessing Akinola

@debbya000 is a content writer and an event moderator who joined the ækiti æmbassy during the first study jæm series (Ekiti State). She wrote most of the series weekly reports, announcements, and other technical write-ups following the series. She also moderated all events, showcases, SuperheroLeague, and other virtual events/workshops that followed the Ekiti Study Jæm series. Inspired by the Ekiti Study Jæm, she decided to be an Android developer, and she will be the technical writer for the Developer Study Jæm.

Total Hours - 25 hours (Time spent on reports and technical announcements)

Speakers & Judges

  • Jesulonimi Akingbesote (Ekiti Study Jæm Co-Facilitator) - @jesulonimi

Minimum Viable Products

  • Possible æternity-based startups
  • Creating developers meetups and events
  • Using videos to promote æternity on Youtube
  • Preparing a community like the ækiti æmbassy in Ibadan
  • Using promotional materials to promote æternity technologies on social media and physically on-site.
  • Having 6 - 10 MVP with smart contracts on AE testnet; mandatory use of æternity native Oracle feature
  • Writing about each milestone on Medium, æternity Forum, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Following up the trained developers and getting them prepared to facilitate others for future Sophia workshops on-site.



Item Time
Publicity 2 weeks
Workshop 5 weeks
Competition 1 week
Total 8 Weeks


  1. Publicity(2 weeks) - 29th November - 10th December 2021
  2. Workshop(5 weeks) - 12th January - 12th February, 2022
    a. Series Introduction (1 week) - 12th & 15th January, 2022
    b. Sophia (1 week) - 19th & 22nd January, 2022
    c. web JS SDK, aepp-cli & aeproject (1 week) - 26th & 29th January, 2022
    d. aepp-sdk-js & Oracle (1 week) - 2nd & 5th February, 2022
    e. Competition Preparation(1 week) - 9th & 12th February, 2022
  3. Competition(1 Week) - 21st - 25th February, 2022

Assessment/Metrics of Success

  • Numbers of æpps developed during the competition
  • New Discord users and future hackathon participants
  • Growing the use of æternity technologies in Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Numbers of videos (tutorial, advert, etc) and write-ups (reports, adverts, etc)

Looking forward to see the success model of the ækiti developer study jæm repeated in neighbouring Oyo state! Hopefully many new æcosystem projects will come to life through this Sophia course & local hæckathon :clap: :clap: :nerd_face: :trophy: :nigeria:


just a sidenote from myself. @emmanueljet you can expect few updates around developer tooling in the foreseeable future:

  • new javascript SDK version with breaking changes (including calldata-lib to get rid of http-compiler dependency for encoding/decoding contract calls) and lots of other improvements
  • new aeproject version that uses the new devmode and of course also the new javascript SDK

just to let you know :wink:


Thanks for the notification. We look forward to these updates.


@lydia Please reply to this item!

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ACF has approved the application. @emmanueljet Thank you very much for increasing the popularity of aeternity in your country.


Dear @lydia,

Thank you and the ACF board for honoring us and giving us this opportunity.

We believe this is just the beginning; Bigger things are yet to come.

ækiti æmbassy.


Congrats @aekiti ! Keep up the good work in 2022- spreading the word


Any images/videos from worshops? @emmanueljet

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Hello @aniputapet.chain,

Apologies for just reaching out. Due to unforeseen circumstances the workshop timeline and structure was updated. We will announce this update soon and yes there will be pictures and videos.

Thank you,
Emmanuel Joseph (JET),
Lead, ækiti.


Dear @emmanueljet,
Please give us an update.