Just concluded Ekiti state university blockchain Robin8, hackathon

It was a success Special thanks for Robin8 Bloqbox, & Fintech Association of Nigeria for their immense support, the hackathon was decentralized blockchain Hackathon, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance, and global scalability. I believe in the relentless evolution of systems and societies. This Hackathon helped to push the boundaries of innovation and make blockchain technology ready for mass adoption.

The projects

1st Prize winner
Project name: Pæy

Pæy is a decentralized paying system that has made paying more efficient and easy. Paey is a solution not just to schools but we will subsequently target ecommerce industry too. This payment allows customers and students to pay for anything through Æternity tokens.

Main Site: http://paey.herokuapp.com
dæpp Site: https://aepp-paey.web.app
Trade Site: https://trade-paey.web.app [In Progress]

2nd winners
Project name: Kwikjobs

A freelancing mobile application that allows a Smart Contract to manage payments between hirers and freelancers

3rd winners
Project name: MovieCoin

A mobile app that allows people discover the most popular movies, buy movies and pay to see movies in cinema using aeternity blockchain.

4th winners
Project name: SmartFinance

SmartFinance - A Decentraliszed Microfinance System for MSMEs.

MSMEs in Sub-saharan Africa (particularly Nigeria) are heavily dependent on soft loans from the BOI, Commercial Banks or other Soft loans organizations. Due to high interest rates & heavy debt , MSMEs can’t maintain a steady business processes.

SmartFinance, is a blockchain based transparent market place where the MSMEs and consumers could implement a co-operative business method. Here, the MSMEs can list the potential products and the expected profits on his business on the distributed public ledger.

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Calling out the winners

DG of Fintech Association of Nigeria giving a speech

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This is wonderful @Barineka, we’re so happy so many people are passionate about æternity and are eager to build on it :blush:

Your efforts are highly appreciated!



Thank you very much, I would have loved a video session with the team, but will do that the next meetup or hackathon