[Active] Superhero Trading Cards | Grant Proposal

Superhero Trading Cards | Grant Proposal

Application Status

Status: Approved on the 25.11.2021, submitted on the 24.08.2021
Last updated: 13/09/2021
Submited by Techtek, Genievot (possible space for 2 more)
Team: Techtek, Genievot
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: 3/3/2022

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development, Community Growth, Culture and Art, NFT Trading

Application Title

Superhero Trading Cards


Hello my name is Techtek

Value Application

Short summary:

  • NFT collecting and trading on æternity, and for Superhero
  • Scarcity of the NFT’s creates valuable NFT’s.
  • Smart contract interactions improve the Superhero trading cards ranking on Dapp ranking websites.
  • Prevision rewards help with long-term user commitment and stimulate card trading.
  • Free set of more common cards to onboard users.
  • Cards display æternity and æternity ecosystem-related data inside the cards, to make them functional and informative to look at.*
  • User-generated card designs could bring exciting results and gives the artist a way to get rewarded for their awesome card designs.- Possibility of printed cards links the analog with the digital world

Definition of Terms

Tradable NFT cards on the æternity blockchain to supplement and visualize the whole ecosystem inside collectible cards, to stimulate AE users interactions in the form of NFT trading and collecting.

Status Quo

At this moment we have worked out the project details in the Devpost article, and have made several info graphics and flow charts to describe and visualize the project details, and to find all involved segments of the project.
There are mockups made for the first series of card designs, Boosterpacks and some first promotional images are made.
Started with “corporate” branding. Discord consultation, and collaboration.
NFT card minting contract is worked on that will make the previously mentioned features possible.

Required Work

Make flow charts / infographics of all scenarios related to boosterpacks, cards, and chests and every related actions, to find issues and opportunities, and to come up with the best experience for the users.

Flow charts:

  • Project overview.
  • Smart contract interaction
  • Possible cards paths.
  • Prevision reward.
  • Formula for giving out cards.
  • Find more strategies that will give a card an immediate market value and make flow charts for them.


  • Interview several people about the currently designed mockups and get improvement suggestions on them
  • Design Superhero trading cards logo based on the feedback from the interviews.
  • Website Design
  • Design first series of 30 +/- card designs, with 3 different booster pack designs. and 3 different chests designs. put extra design and coding effort in the most hard-to-find cards. (3d effects or animated backgrounds)
  • Names and text that fit the character designs of each card
  • Design banners and promotional materials for the website and social media.


  • NFT Smart contract, which makes trading and minting of Superhero boosterpacks and cards possible.
  • Display data in the data layer of the card from æternity and projects from æternity’s ecosystem.
  • Boosterpack opening animation with sound and celebrational elements when a hard-to-find card is found.
  • Card Gallery “My Superhero Card Gallery”
  • Make it possible for every superhero.com visitor and æternity wallet owner to get a free boosterpack.
  • Make it possible for users to buy Booster packs and chests that included several boosterpacks and with the most exclusive chest comes the most exclusive card.
  • Marketplace / Exchange with sell and trade functionality for boosterpacks, chests, single/multiple, and even complete series of cards.


  • Social media accounts to get as many people from inside and outside of the æterrnity ecosystem familiar with Superhero Trading Cards project.
  • Interaction, integration, and collaboration with other æternity projects.


V0.1 | Proof of Concept 2021/ Q1 2022

  • Superhero trading cards and (free) Boosterpack and chest minting, testnet 100h+
  • Boosterpack & chest opening 100h+
  • Superhero Trading cards, corporate branding, logo design 100h+
  • Superhero Trading cards first series of 30 cards designs with card names and text. 100h+
  • Design strategies for collecting, trading and rewards 100h+

Total hours: 500h+

Known Limitations

Time could be a limitation, this would push the release date further into the future.Development approach can chance according to technical needs and limitations.


When the Proof of concept V0.01 is created it will be evaluated with our own team as well as with the Superhero and æternity team members, on Discord and in the Jaem Sessions. A new grant proposal will be made accordingly for the next version.

When this v0.1 is ready, parts of it can be considered to be converted into early promotional material to attract early adopters, testers, artists, collectors and investors to the project’s Discord Server

Do you plan to populate your project? (For example creating a micro-web-page, social media updates, blog-posts, video-materials.) Yes website, and socials


  • Open Source development
  • Development on Github - Before release, each new version will be tested and shown for feedback.


  • At least one year after completion of the full project (v1.0).

Superhero Trading Cards

Grant proposal

My introductions:


Application Status

Value Application

Superhero Trading Cards

Booster Packs and Chests

Card functionality, this is under active consultation on Discord

Card Layers

Definition of Terms

Required Work


Know limitations, Publishment, Maintainance and Outlook


That’s great!


Thank you :smiley: !

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very cool!


Great job mate!!!


Really looking forward to see this come alive and would be one of the first to try out your awesome cards once NFT functionalities are established through a new AEX :nerd_face:


Thank you very much @charles

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Thank you @derilpana.chain


really looking forward to see that happen! for everybody interested in this work or even willing to contribute I recommend to join the weekly jæm sessions on wednesday :slight_smile:


Looks really nice dude. How is the project going? did you got an answer/invest on this? How about NFT for each card? :vulcan_salute:


Thank you very much @Rickyleaks for your comment and interest in the Superhero Trading Cards project, We didn’t get a final answer yet, and are excited to hear about it hopefully any day soon! :smiley:

The idea is that they are like traditional trading cards in combination with NFT’s

At the moment I’m exploring the card effects layer and you can see some of the results here:







They really looks great.


Hi Techtek,

Sounds great and they look really nice! Like the drAEgon :grin: Looking forward to collect those cards :vulcan_salute:


Happy to hear that you like the Draegon a lot because it is intended to be one of the more desirable cards, and will most likely be (one of) the rarest cards to find. Also happy to read that you looking forward to collecting them.

On Discord i have shared more previews of other characters and will add a few more here on the post for people that are not on Discord, all feedback is very welcome!

Sneak peak:
(unfinished / not final)


They are really awesome. As a former magic card lover, I am excited for this! Wish you successful launch! :mage:


it is nft?


Hi, thanks for your question, yes they will then be NFTs on the new NFT standard.

GitHub - appinesshq/ae-nft: NFT tooling for the Aeternity blockchain


It looks great. Thank you for your contribution


Thank you very much for your creative nft cards application. Please put on top of this topic the application in a plain design using the template and send an email to ACF with your cost estimates per milestone and time.


Thank you Lydia, i will use the template and add it here and calculate the estimates and email them, happy to read your comment!