AE HC Roadmap - April


Now as the HC project is in advanced stages of development and we’re ironing out the protocol it’s time for a new and more accurate roadmap. More details will soon be published in the upcoming HC Article which is a more understandable version of the new WIP whitepaper.

  1. Private Hyperchain Testnet(March/April/May 2021)
    Experiments with the current PoC protocol on a 3 node testnet. This is when we plan to implement the missing pieces of the HC protocol:
  • Stake delegation
  • Beneficiary/Delegate split ratio configuration
  • Adjusting the inflation curve, Naming system TTL to account for the changed key-block interval
  • Test the real world behaviour under forks(not only in our parent chain simulator)
  • PoGF
  • PoL
  • Possible staking contract upgradability
  • etc…
    After ironing out the 3 validator case using a snapshot of Aeternity Mainnet we will operate a test hyperchain with 1-3 validators using Bitcoin Testnet as the parent chain. This Hyperchain will also feature it’s own middleware/explorer. The testnet will be reset pretty often and heavily without any notice. We will publish detailed instructions on how to join the testnet/point your wallet at it.
  1. Public Hyperchain Testnet(???)

This marks the point of the development of Hyperchains where we no longer have issues with the Private Testnet and we’re confident in our work. All implementation details were sorted out, and the private test net is stable. The parent chain for AE Mainnet was chosen. The public HC testnet will be attached to the same parent chain as AE Mainnet in the future. We will launch a bug bounty program for finding issues with the HC protocol. The entire protocol will be audited by an external review company. Anyone will be invited to be a test validator on the public testnet.

  1. AE PoW Mainnet migration(???)

A preliminary poll will be made using the governance app - it will ask people on whether there is interest in the switchover from PoW to HC. This vote will be unbinding - It will be a poll to evaluate interest in the upgrade and the possible parent chain. The real HC vote will occur using the staking contract - after rolling out the upgrade. Hyperchain nodes will pretend to be PoW nodes - those nodes will constantly monitor the staking contract and evaluate the economic security of the HC network. In case the security of the Hyperchain based on a rigid set of criteria is deemed decent HC nodes will ditch PoW and start acting according to the new consensus rules - This creates a binding on chain vote. If someone disagrees with the upgrade they can refuse to install the HC release or not become a delegate or validator.


is the code or api description already available somewhere? is it planned to drop the “new plugin” ( again? or is it using ae_mdw under the hood just in a separate hyperchains deployment?


It’s just ae_mdw hooked to a HC node :wink:


Thanks for this update @gorbak25! Looking forward to read the upcoming article as well :smiley: