AEdvertisement idea!

So, had an advertisement idea - a way to bring AE to the forefront of the world’s stage - or to at least enhance its position.

What if we collect money (or maybe AE will fund the mission) and simply send not large ($5? $10? $50? ) Superhero donations - to Twitter influencers - to incentivise them to install the software/enter the eco-system just to retrieve that free little bit of money.

Then they would try using the AE system (even if only to convert the AE into whatever Crypto they actually want) - and see how easy it is. They would start seeing the ‘TIP with AE’ marking on all their twitter posts AND THEN are all of a sudden get the power TO USE the AE network - and then the whole thing would start to energize itself!

20k AE tokens? 40k AE tokens? It’s wouldn’t take much AE to make a loud splash! AEternity, why don’t you do this - or help us do this?



P.S. Sorta the equivalent of the early-envisioned-Airdrop - but with about 1000x the effect - since these would be targeted at the most likely targets that WOULD follow up a $50 lead.

People with Twitter, people with internet, people who post opinions, maybe even awesome ones!, and people with audiences.

Why. Not. Do. This.?


Really sad, “THEY” don’t want to reply, it seems that “THEY” can’t see these message

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My 2 cents on the topic. Please note that this is my personal opinion and I am not speaking from the behalf of the team, nor the community.

It is an interesting idea, although calling it an Airdrop is quite a stretch. Maybe it would have a bigger effect, or maybe not. This is not clear to me as I am not a marketing expert.

A wild thought: why should this be AEternity Anstalt organised? It could as well be funded by the AEternity Foundation. Why don’t you write a proposal to them? And if they don’t support it - we could crowd-fund it, let the community support the idea. If there is a good analysis of its potential (again, so a non-marketing guy like me can understand it) - I personally would support it.


I like Twitter giveaways for retweets etc. I think $5 is too little. Some exchanges have higher minimum swap limits. I would say giving more tokens, at least 1000 to fewer but larger influencers.

The nice thing about doing this on superhero is that the influencer will experience the wallet and platform and if they don’t claim within one year the tokens will be returned to whoever sent them instead of just being lost.

I also generally support sponsoring content on influencers channels for general coverage or interviews


Thanks, @dimitar.chain !

I totally agree that if it was community-organized (with a refillable ‘bucket’ and a clear documentation of all the folks that were ‘gifted’) - it might be even easier to set up!

Personally, I’m not a web-design guy, and I certainly don’t know how to interface to an AE wallet from a ‘collection’ page. But I could see this being done even simpler/easier on the forum - where we basically submit candidacies and the top voted ‘twitter voices’ get the $AE donation. Would be rad to do this as a trustless contract - so that people submit (public, visible) @Twitter targets and we all, communally, decide who the money should go to.

None of us can know the effect - but I can certainly guarantee that doing nothing - will have less of an effect. I would love to interface with anyone reading this to see if we can work together and make this happen!?


I could write a crowdfunding contract, but I’d need someone to build the UI for it.
Maybe @philipp.chain or @milenradkov.chain want to join us?


this can already be done using superhero


why propose a separate “token sale” if superhero can already achieve this?


I just shared the resource as such token sale contract is already available.

You are right that you can crowdfund just by tipping the “collection” URL mentioned above. And then airdrop to the influencers by tipping their twitter or other SCM accounts.

The whole effort can be done community governed as well.


Those are all great feedbacks and thank you for them, guys!

It seems that everyone has something positive to say about the idea in general - and would like to see it happen. I’m a little bit lost as to what actionable things can be done/I can do - to make this (even as a crowd-source action) happen.

If this can be done as a stand-alone contract through superhero, perhaps one that would have a ‘weekly giveaway’ that would give a # of AE out of the collected funds to community-defined targets (like, have nominations, let only people (who’ve contributed to the pot?) vote on 'em… or do this somewhat human-moderated, as not to have fake accounts drive up some irrelevant targets.

Idea is there! Computer skills surely aren’t. :wink: Help and partnership thoroughly welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hi Swift!

I am supporting your idea and I also believe that the key to involve people and attract them to use is to incentivize them in the same manner the platform is built for - tipping creators of quality content, rewarding influencers (and idols) for their efforts, support organizations, and ideas…

Monthly giveaways, games, campaigns are at the heart of building an engaged community, no doubt about it. I support this idea too!

The marketing department is already ready with a long list of influencers, charity organizations, content creators, etc… :slight_smile: SO we are ready to jump in right away and multiply the efforts, spread the word, empower people, show them the new opportunities and the future of social media!

The only thing missing is a coordinated action plan with a determined budget, KPIs & end goal.

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For what it’s worth, @Vikram and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about this very concept. The idea was to find a YouTube person that would use SuperHero (SH) – in a way similar to Patreon. So, your post is appreciated and seems a worthwhile marketing effort.

A couple take-aways from our discussion was to probably focus first on someone that discussed Crypto (or tech), and that had enough viewers to be significant. Vikram knew a guy in India that talked about tech with about half a million(?) subscribers, another person that came up was “Ivan on Tech” who talks about Crypto. Both have tech heavy audiences, and are probably approachable with this idea. So, in the range of those sized accounts seemed a reasonable subscriber base/size.

Approachable being, they are not so popular that it will be difficult to connect with them. And also where donating to them what we might afford would be worth their effort to implement. My estimation is a video will benefit the content creator about $100 to $150 for every 100,000 views.
So, if we could give them say 10% of that, then it might be worth it… as it would be like a 10% raise just for plugging Super Hero.

Maybe, give more incentive - for example - if they make a video describing how to setup the SH wallet, then give them 15%. :wink:

There are probably many other ideas worth trying that could make this an effective strategy.


Thank you for the reply, @ellisavetageoo.chain!

Sounds great that you agree! It would be great to discuss and firm up what such an action plan would look like (what specifics/sections are being looked for); KPIs and end goals should be easier to create. Can PM you to discuss the details?

And thank you, @_dog - I’m a bit unclear - do you mean, the idea is to have ‘us’ give additional % based on donations to the ‘YouTube person’ for mentioning/discussing AE? Or just pay some set reward on a per-exposure basis? Or to have them accept donations in AE, and automatically add some %eage? Hehe, I could see a problem being such influences donating to themselves, but other than that possible gotcha, it’s a good idea.

All that said, there is something to be said for a non-transactional way of interacting with ‘advertisers’ - to exemplify that AE is bigger than just a company, but a movement.

And thank you, @_dog - I’m a bit unclear - do you mean, the idea is to have ‘us’ give additional % based on donations to the ‘YouTube person’ for mentioning/discussing AE? Or just pay some set reward on a per-exposure basis? Or to have them accept donations in AE, and automatically add some %eage? Hehe, I could see a problem being such influences donating to themselves, but other than that possible gotcha, it’s a good idea.

Nothing based on donations. So, no potential hackery from the content creator there. Well, that was my original intent. But that might actually be something to consider - I mentioned this below.

Consider how a YouTube video is presented. There is the video, and a “more” section about the video below it. I’m thinking that the content creator could add a link to Super Hero in that ‘more’ section. Also, the content creator should plug SH anytime they would a Patreon account. So, they could say to users to use SH or Patreon. I’d guess Patreon does not pay the content creator to plug Patreon… because it’s already in the interest of the content creator to do so (for lack options for donations). But the content creator will have an additional incentive to use Super Hero, because ‘we’ would pay him based on views (or some proportionate metric(s) - e.g. subscribers and a video length factor perhaps). Tracking the usage of the SH account should be pretty straight forward if you wantedd to do any kind of KPI’s etc…

Consider that a YouTube content creator can earn a minimum of about $1000 to $1500 for 1 million views (or $100 to $150 per 100,000 views). If this person averages 200,000 views per video. That would be equate to about $200 to $300 income per video (avg). Clearly, not enough for most in developed countries to live on… so… it would seem like a worthwhile incentive for that content creator to highly consider some proposition to promote Super Hero as a means of donation. Some proposition could be this (just example):

YouTube content creator will:

  • Add a link to the ‘more’ section to the Super Hero website (near their Patreon info for donations)
  • Create & Add his/her AE chain username to the moire section.
  • Add link to instructional video on using SH, or his/her personalized one (see below)
  • Optional: create a personalized how-to video that promotes & teaches how to use SH.

‘AE’ and/or ‘community’ will provide to the content creator (for example only):

  • 10% of # views x (~$100/100,000 views) (hello AE oracles?)
  • 5% bonus for creating a smart video tutorial specifically to promote AND help his viewers use SH.
  • 5% matching to donations from unique users (more AE oracle). This could be implemented later, but it would be a big incentive for the content creator to urge his uses to use SH instead of Patreon… and there might be some fraud detection possible.

Someone could create a smart contract and oracle to read this and we could add a pool with some monies to automatically pay out to the content creator.

Do a test case with one content creator first. And analyze the results… Also, what would be worthwhile numbers for accumulating users of SH?

If it is a big success. Then rewrite (or re-configure) the smart contract so that any content creator could participate.

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Wow, that’s an involved idea, @_dog!

I see how it could work - but it definitely would take some development and detailed design. Wonder how that would be possible, in the current ‘no money and no time’ situation. :wink:

Speaking of no money and no time - I sent a PM to you, @ellisavetageoo.chain - would love to hear what’s needed to come up with the things missing - the coordinated action plan with a determined budget, KPIs & end goal and stuff.

The smart contract for the group collecting/PR is possible to program and then with the details mentioned right above and a worked-out user interface, the ‘give some AE to influencers’ campaign could become reality!?

Simple and functional and done quickly is the goal.

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Smart contract and oracles would not be necessary. It can be done manually initially. All that’s needed is money, a ‘sales person’ very familiar with SH and one good prospect from existing YouTube content creators.

Fully support this. Sorry for being late to the party as I only saw this now. Give me some time to backread and get back to this.

@swift wonderful idea. Can I ask for a favor–can you tag me @theScientress.chain and @aelex next time in things like this so that we get notifications? And FYI we are working out the whole transparency thing, regular event of some sort (from the other thread, which I will also get back to in a bit). If you are interested in getting involved we’d be very happy. Also, anybody else who has ideas or would like to get involved, let us know.


Great to hear your reception of the idea, @theScientress.chain!

Looking forward to hearing about the progress/ideas/possible next steps on all the fronts you mention and yes, would love to get involved.

Thank you!


you actually have really great idea. Have you managed to make it work properly?

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