Aeternity blockchain Session @Google IO 2019

Aeternity blockchain session @ Google IO Event yesterday.

We had a nice time learning about blockchain technology and how Aeternity is revolutionalising the blockchain space.

Participants and developers asked lots of questions and we covered a lot as time permitted, they all begged and wished we had a blockchain meetup.

#Aeternity rocks.:muscle:t2:


Great crowd @success thank you!

Tell us more about what AE features you discussed - did you tell the attendants about the Dacade AE course?


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Thanks for sharing! I’d love to see recordings if there are some interesting presentations or discussions.

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Yes i did i spoke much about Dacade and the Aeternity course and promised to have a meetup with javascript and developers community, you know i was invited to talk on Aeternity blockchain and blockchain technology and spoke according to time length given so we couldn’t go into practicals because it wasn’t an Aeternity meetup up event. I was later called up to give an announcement which i spoke at length about the learning community made possible by Aeternity and told everyone to go check it up and learn how to build on Aeternity blockchain.

Among the Ae features i discussed was oracles, state channels and naming systems and most importantly sofia which makes it possible for developers to write smart contracts easily and functionally.

One unique aspect was when a developer said he tried out Ethereum’s solidity and found it difficult to learn and since sofia is written in a functional manner he can become motivated to take blockchain development seriously.

I promised to have a development meetup with them if all goes well so they can build and every one present would submit a deapp on

The enthusiasm was high to learn no doubt.

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The organizers of the event did not make provision for video coverage i made efforts to have a video recording on the session but couldn’t get them to do so. I didn’t have total control of the event could have made that possible.

I made a slide which i presented from at the event along side the Ambassador intro slide i made it available to Mr @erik93. tried to add it here but seems i can’t upload a document.

It was interesting no doubt.

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Need some help in the Aembassador invoice section.

Asked to upload a file, please what do i upload?

Done, sent you a PM.

Submitted. Thanks Mr @erik93 and the Ae team for this opportunity to talk about Aeternity so happy to do this :blush::muscle:t2::hugs:

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Here are some more details about this meetup:

Location: Benin City Nigeria, Edo State Innovation hub Technological complex

Number of participants: 265

Questions by the audience: Why is Aeternity different? How do we start developing on Aeternity? Why are there so many myths around the blockchain technology? Where to get resources for blockchain technology? When is the next meeting?

Possible æpps use case: Crowdfunding æpp for startups

Feedback to the æternity team / observations: I would wish to see more collaborations between the æmbassadors so we can motivate each other by seeing what every æmbassador is doing to ensure we do more. Also I suggest we have a sub group community on the forum for developers where suggestions materials and resources can be shared between each other and projects can be discussed. Lastly I hope we have a section for developers headed by a core AE developer to teach and instruct developers on ways to go in building on Aeternity, I really would love to see more togetherness so each development team is not working on their own but in a more collaborative manner.