Aeternity Foundation (AF) Grant Application process

aeternity Foundation Grant Application Process

The aeternity Foundation (AF), a non-profit organization, champions the open-source development of the aeternity protocol and its ecosystem, focusing on Deep Tech, blockchain technology, technical excellence, and user-centric applications. It provides grants across several fields such as open-source development, research, education, community growth, and culture and arts, all aimed at enriching the æternity ecosystem.

Transparency and Community Involvement Initiative

AF is committed to transparency and has introduced an initiative to involve the aeternity community in the decision-making and application process for grants and donations. This approach fosters a healthy relationship among users, developers, miners, token holders, and all stakeholders invested in the æternity protocol and the ecosystem’s longevity and stability.

How to Apply for a Grant

Stage 1: Introduction and Proposal Submission [DRAFT]

  1. Sign Up and Introduce Yourself:

  2. Submit Your Application:

  3. Be Engaged:

    • Actively participate in discussions within your forum topic.
    • Respond to any questions and feedback from the community and AF Board.

Stage 2: Evaluation [EVALUATION]

  1. Feedback Period:

    • The application enters a feedback period lasting 2-4 weeks, allowing community and AF Board members to ask in-depth questions.
    • Support from the majority of the community, especially for high-impact applications, is crucial. Non-binding votings via the governance app may be used to signal community support.
  2. Decision Making:

    • After the feedback period and upon satisfactory responses to all questions, the AF Board will evaluate the application.
    • A grant contract setup and a board ruling will follow, culminating in either acceptance, rejection, or postponement of the project.

Stage 3: Project Activation [ACTIVE]

  1. Weekly Progress Updates:
    • Grantees are required to post weekly reports within their forum topic, detailing progress in layman’s terms, time spent, and participants involved.

Stage 4: Project Completion [COMPLETED]

  1. Final Report and Results:
    • Upon project completion, grantees must publish a detailed final report and results in the forum.
    • The software developed should be tested, up-to-date, and maintained for at least a year post-release.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Relevance to æternity’s technical development and open-source research.
  • Originality, feasibility, and suitability of the project.
  • Track record and expertise of the applicants.
  • Contribution towards open-source research capacities and promoting gender awareness and equal opportunities.
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