Grant Application Template AF

To ensure your grant application meets all requirements, please use the following structure as a guide. You are encouraged to adapt it to fit the specifics of your project:

  • Copy and Personalize: This template is designed to be a starting point. Feel free to copy it and tailor it to reflect your unique proposal.
  • Mandatory Submission: It’s imperative that you also complete and submit the Grant Application Form. This step is vital for your application to proceed to the review stage.
  • Requirement for Review: Please be aware that Form 1 is an essential component of your application. The aeternity Foundation (AF) board cannot review your application without it.

Adhering to this guidance ensures your application is correctly formatted and contains all necessary information for the AF board’s review. and copy-paste the template.

Application Status

Status: New | Active | Completed | Rejected | Postponed
Last updated: 29.04.2020
Submitted by First Name, Last Name, E-Mail
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery:

Specify the funding category

The categories are Open Source Development, Research and Education, Community Growth, and Culture & Art. In which Category is your application?

Application Title

Project Title


Please include a link to your introduction and your team to the Forum. Please provide an email address (mandatory) for the communication.

Value Application

What will become better and why? Why is your work beneficial for the aeternity ecosystem? (Please describe the impact of your project. How will your work impact the larger aeternity ecosystem? How does a successful contribution to your project look like?)

Definition of Terms

What exactly are we talking about? Please describe your project.

Status Quo

What is now?

Required Work

Steps to get to the goal…
Please list the milestones and deliverables of your project.


Your time estimate in hours for the Project. Please do not put here Prices!
Please list the estimated timeline by milestones and releases of your project.

Known Limitations

Will everything work as expected to solve the original problem?


What happens after this project is completed?

Do you plan to populate your project? (For example creating a micro-web page, social media updates, blog posts, and video materials.)


Please confirm that your research and development will be published free of any proprietary license (open-source, open-access). Please provide a link to the GitHub repository of your open-source project.


Please confirm that your research and development code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing it.