[HOWTO] Apply for a Grant from the AF

The Aeternity Foundation warmly invites grant applications within this forum category, where we engage in discussions that shine a light on the diverse and innovative projects seeking our support. This process not only fosters transparency but also facilitates a vibrant exchange of ideas within our community. Here’s a streamlined guide to submitting your grant application:

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Begin by sharing your introduction in the forum:

  • Who You Are: Provide a brief personal and professional background. Highlight your expertise, experiences, and any notable projects you or your team have worked on.
  • Open Source Contributions: Detail your involvement in open source projects. Describe your role, the projects you’ve contributed to, and, if possible, share links to your code repositories.
  • Experience with Aeternity: If you’ve previously built projects on aeternity or collaborated with projects on our platform, please share your experiences and include links to the relevant code repositories.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

  • Application Template :Utilize the mandatory Grant Application Template to prepare and submit your application for public discussion in this forum category. This structured approach ensures that all applications are comprehensive and accessible to the community.
  • Grant Application Form: Completing and attaching The Grant Application Form is a crucial part of your submission. This form is essential for your application to be considered and reviewed by the Aeternity Foundation (AF) board.

Transparency and Community Engagement

This forum category serves as the cornerstone for sharing information and maintaining transparency regarding foundation grants and donations. The AF board is committed to fostering open discussions, believing it to be the foundation of a healthy relationship among users, developers, miners, token holders, and everyone invested in the long-term success and stability of the æternity protocol and ecosystem.

We Welcome Your Application

The Aeternity Foundation looks forward to receiving your application. We are excited about the potential to support projects that align with our mission to advance the æternity ecosystem through innovation, collaboration, and open-source development.

Your contribution could be the next step forward in our journey toward a more decentralized and open digital future.


Submitted for Houdini Swap!!! Looking forward to your response. Thank you - Aaron


hye @Aaron_HoudiniSwap
did you apply here on the forum?
if yes please share the link :pray:

Yes sir! Submitted the google form + google sheet.