Aeternity Marketing and Advertising

Hi to all my fellow AE community members. This will be a place where you can give your suggestions with regards to what Marketing or Advertising you believe the team should do to get more exposure from the public and to make AE more mainstream and known to everyone.

Let us know what the team is doing right but could do better and also what you believe is not being done which should be done to put AE squarely in the limelight.

There are currently a lot of initiatives to lure developers but each and every one of us in the community are part of the AE team and should firstly help to spread the word and secondly give our feedback and opinions. The community is huge and will have professional marketers and advertisers who can also give their view.

Together we will make AE stronger

Thank You


I will start with the first suggestion. Get the website updated ASAP, not soon but pretty much yesterday.

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How to say, I don’t think the team is very concerned about promotion.

But its no use just saying that, better to say how you would like them to promote.

kick yani out would be great news to ae holders

Unfortunately I don’t have any great suggestions, but for my personal pleasure I would like ae to sponsor an interview with Ivan on Tech on youtube because he will appreciate the unique tech ae is bringing and he has large following. Maybe do an airdrop for the watchers like boxmining has been doing with his nft’s

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Nice idea Drugzbymail, i hope the team reads this forum of ours.

That is not a constructive proposal. We should learn to not only complain but to give our solutions and proposals.

Well let’s start from what’s good in the marketing/advertising part, then we see where we go from there? There are so many things going on left and right targeting differenr segments of people, it’s hard to catch them all.