Community Identity (CI)

Hello beloved æ community,

most of us are surely familiar with the term CI (Coorperate Identity), right? Recently I was just thinking about why not to establish our unique Community Identity within all the Blockchain projects altogether? I’d love to read and collect your personal perception of æternity’s Community Identity, why you’ve joined our community, what should we more focus on and could improve in the future to stand out from other Blockchain communities.

Here are the top three properties of my personal perception of æternity’s Community Identity:

  • great and cosmopolitan network of contributors (from super senior, well known coding stars until super junior and young Blockchain enthusiasts)
  • resulting from point 2: a welcoming, borderless and supportive community (supporting projects like whose focus is getting interested developers from 3rd world countries into our community)
  • last but not least: being pink & wild

Very excited to hear your personal Community Identity properties and so your personal reason why you’ve joined the æ universe :slight_smile:

Have a nice day everyone and a great start into the new week! :muscle:



Hey @pegah,

Thank you for this initiative, we should totally try to put this great Community Identity we have in some sort of a frame, although it is so colorful and diversified.

First, I think we should highlight the fact that æternity’s users were drawn to the project because of the promise for a better world - a fairer, more just world, where fewer middlemen exist and the global wealth is redistributed in a more equitable way. Where every person has equal access to the network and the opportunities it can offer, no matter their background, nationality or standard of living.

P.S. In the spirit of what I just wrote, I think we should stop using the term “3rd world countries” - it is so obsolete and inaccurate, don’t you think? Those countries we refer to using this term have a much larger young population and potential for innovation than the so-called “1st world”. And they are on their track to get ahead in so many different aspects :slight_smile: