Aeternity meetup in The University of Alicante


Probably my best meetup in Aeternity!
More or less a 100 students listening to the improvements done by Aeternity and the potential of it’s technology!
Many groups and ideas of students that want to participate in the next Starfleet program!:love_you_gesture:
You can see the video here!|666x500


Check out @CryptoAlicante’s Tweet:


more pictures of the Alicante University meetup!!!
@erik93 @ae-albena


The organizers want to create a token in the Aeternity Blockchain, I just shared with them the links. Are those ones, right?


Here is some more background information from the meetup:

The students want to create a token for their University, the thing is that they want a stable coin pegged to the euro because otherwise local shops like the University restaurant won’t accept it. Another group o students wanted to create a payment gateaway for cryptos and are interested in using State Channels for it, whereas other participants wanted to create a customer loyalty token using Oracles.