Aeternity meetup Lisbon


On the 3rd of May, I held an #aeternity meetup in Lisbon, Portugal.

It was a good meetup, with an amazing audience and some tough questions, in regards to the oracles tech in general. The meetup was held at the Block cafe in Lisbon, and I think I can say that it was a start to the Portuguese AE community!

A great thank you to everyone who made it. It was a pleasure!

We discussed some general things, as well, like: Aeternities architecture, what makes it different, and what makes it stand out amongst the others.

Here are some photos and a 2 part video from the meetup:
(I do apologize in advance, as they’re about 30 seconds lost in the middle somewhere)


Hey @serejandmyself,

Thank you so much for your support and dedication :hugs:

Have the attendants already heard about æternity before your meetup? Did you tell them about the Dacade’s course on æternity?



Some have heard about us, yes. For example:

But not all. Some where more experienced than others of course =)

I didn’t mention Dacade at the presentation, no. We did speak about Starfleet and a few other things during and after the event.

I guess I need to add the info about Dacade to my presentations and will defiantly share it on the local telegram group! Thanks!


Yes, it’s quite useful resource especially for newcomers :wink:


Excellent work @serejandmyself! :clap::clap::muscle:
Please don’t forget that bringing in more people to will help us to create a community of learners and eventually æternity developers buidling on AE or at least people playing around with Sophia. It is very crucial for our user adoption that more developers learn and start using Sophia :slight_smile: