Æternity Open to Beepool


Beepool AE pool

Mining address: stratum+tcp://ae-pool.beepool.org:9505

Beepool AE Pool Free (2018-12-13 to 2018-12-19)
PPS(0%)& PPLNS(0%)

0.1AE payment.

Welcome to mine.



Miner Tool: http://t.cn/Eyk7HSK (updata v0.1.3 2018/12/15)


Hi, can we get miner (Mining software) please for Windows to mining Ae, because its not specif it on pool


Just a moment, I’ll let the administrator upload the mining software.


open download.
Chinese version.

GPU Only 1080Ti.


it will not work for 1070?


Yes. Windows only has 1080ti support.


nice. but can u give other source to download. i have no baidu and cant register there. im not a chinese-my phone number not supported


Download URL:http://t.cn/Eymgj2L


1070 Can work。

Windows Download URL: http://t.cn/Eymgj2L


is the last drivers shut be ? because not starting


Thank you very much. Im up and digging :slight_smile:



Latest driver.

qskg_ae.exe -o %server% -q %wallet%.%worker% -d %gpu% -E 1

Add “-E 1” below 4G


You are welcome.
Thank you for supporting beepool.


what is below 4G? what it is?


so is only for china?


No, im not from china and I’m already mining and getting coins


Hi, Iam mining on this pool more then 5 hours (1.87 KH/s - 6 carsd) and on me balance steal zero AE ???


You need to wait for the first 120 blocks, probably in half hour your balance will be updated :wink:


will see, will see :slight_smile:


Or at least mine got updated like that half an hour ago, and the first block was 5162