Æternity Open to Beepool


number of complete graphs is a better measure than solutions, IMO


Not sure i understand. How would i test that?

Out of curiosity which miner are you using ?


the latest version of qskg hides away the graphs and only shows the solutions found, but before it showed a graph done. it was like 5 graphs per second or so.


Thanks for the answer.


Someone said you can mine with amd on mineros (f2pool i guess) but i mine with windows on beepool. No amd on beepool.


I wanted to be fair so i runned again the test but without counting solutions (because there are still way less solutions found with 0.1.3).

Now i only check the hashrate displayed on beepool and i must say it’s about the same thing between 0.0.9 and 0.1.3. But it’s only been one hour.

On the other hand, they put a bat file that is supposed to relaunch the gpu if it’s detected as idle (my understanding) but i’m not sure it works because i launched the miner on a gpu getting stuck on 1 solution (my bad, i always wait a few minutes to check if it works ok for the first minutes) found during 30 minutes and the bat havent relaunched the program.


Hi, thanks. Could you paste the link?


is pool down ? cant check and also lot of time stop mine


maybe f2pool too, can’t connect at moment. Someone else?



I have given up minerOS two weeks ago, refuses to boot on any hardware I have, even cycled different USB sticks.

On windows, the f2pool qksg software at east runs BUT DOES nothing. I cannot see any debug output so I tried the beepool provided miner.

And now I see this:

What can I do to get readable Chinese so I can translate it ? I have the windows 10 default Chinese fonts.

I wanted to check the config file but it is unreadable as well (see below post)


See above image.

Is there no binary for a miner that works and is not Chinese-run ?


Open de config file in a proper editor, wordpad is way better than notepad.


It is obviously an encoding issue. No other editor helps in such a case. :roll_eyes: And yes, I did try. I checked if I have the MS Chinese system fonts and I do. Can someone help ?


http://www.aeknow.org Pls check you address in this website to check the balance.


pls show your address here, let me check, tks.


No problem.


https://www.aeknow.org/address/wallet/ak_AmPu2zy6Y3EuFytKmsifGdWCR4KAtQB6ZriuaFN4tMPXCycuh so pls check your transactions for your address, you received all the payments from beepool


But why the balance numbers are different?

Oh, shit, I sent some coins to the exchange a while ago… Facepalm…


Good day guys…I was directed here, I’m new. I’m very interested in mining AE but a novice. Pls I need some heads up from anyone on how to go about it. Thanks


There are other risks involved than just a continuous 51% attack. Emin Sirer, the inventor of Bitcoin-NG which Aeternity uses, has warned against this and other, subtle risks of powerful miners.

Every day that beepool is above 50% hurts AE long-term. If you care about your Investment, at least switch to f2pool until the update for epoch comes out enabling anyone to launch a pool.