Æternity Open to Beepool


I agree with you, but no improvements and now it includes a fee… for basically adding small modifications to tromp’s code? idk… seems fishy.


Miners are mean little boys and girls. We wont pay 1% fee for no visible improvement. They should have thought to increase the fee with 007 which was really worth it. :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Could you please share this version with us? I’m back on 0.0.9 since 6x1070 rig shows significantly lower total hashrate after several hours of mining.


My mistake… I was thinking about 009 and not 007.

Now i see 0.1.3 released today.



link blocked by Eset NOD32


Of course never download from this website. Kaspersky too deleted the file. We must wait beepool to do something and give us the miner.


Is this first time when you see how antivirus SW blocks miner software?


yeah he seems to be new. if I got a cent for every time an antivirus deleted a file that was safe i would be a millionaire


No but i wont take a chance as when beepool gives us the miner, kespersky says nothing. And the file in the zip file still have a 31 11 2018 date which makes no sense if it was created yesterday.


Miner Tool: http://t.cn/Eyk7HSK (updata v0.1.3 2018/12/15)


Dear Fadmy, can you explain to us the biggest advantages of using these newer miners?
I don’t mind paying a larger fee, if there is a substantial benefit.


I count on you to test it lol. For what it’s worth i count the number of solutions during 5 minutes with 0.0.9 and then with the newer version, for around 3 gpus.

I need to go to work so i will only do it in a few hours :ok_hand::slight_smile:️.


the files are often flagged indeed, but when the entire domain is being flagged I myself will get a bit paranoid xD


Please tell us what is new in this new version?


They introduced bat files to check if your gpus dont send solutions as far as i saw.

Well i am not convinced.
I tried 0.1.3 on a crappy 1080ti founder edition.
5 minutes run each time… 25 solutions with 009 then 11s with 013 then 29s with 009 and finally 16s with 013.
Maybe i am wrong in my understanding but way less solutions with 0.1.3
I keep 0.0.9 for now.


Remember that solutions are not uniformly distributed, on average one problem out of 50 has a solution, but it is random… Not saying you are wrong, but the sample sizes are quite small!


Lol yeah i understand your point, i hesitated to do this on a bigger timeframe. If i were the dev i would say when i manage to have even a 1 or 2% hash increase. Note they never say that so i dont feel guilty to analyze it in a quick way :innocent:

People seems lazy… I would like more people to test.


Is it possible to mine with AMD cards?


Not for the moment. No amd miner.


there is an AMD miner if you download mineros