Æternity Open to Beepool


Yeah i have around 260 for a 1070 so it seems ok.
I havent played with overclocking because you cant see the hashrate on the msdos window. I never trust hash displayed by pools. You cant do a quality over or downclocking when you cant know your real hashrate. It s freezing cold here in eastern canada so rigs heat the house. PL for 1080ti are 90%, +0 for core, +500 mem. 1070ti 85% pl and +400 mem. For ubiq it would be a total waste of energy but for ae… I play it safe.


I am running 60% TDP +150 Core -502 memory on my 1080tis. 70% TDP +120 Core -502 Mem on my 1070s and getting ~260 too. Havent seen that this algo is mem intensive so havent raised the Mem.


Oh i will test that. I am too lazy when it’s - 20 celsius outside, i prefer to heat with my rigs lol.


You haven’t? weird, I checked the windows miners and the most expensive operation was a mem copy at 100%. The calculation wasn’t even on 30% load. I think given this numbers i would totally make memory faster and core cooler.


I dont how you manage to fine tune overclocking. I tried but what beepool shows fluctuates too much. I dont know if it’s because the miner is bad or the algo or the hash display on beepool. :thinking:


I see the core load 90-100% instead. Try to play with -i parameter. I’m at -i 12 now.


Only 1 of the 2 compute cores in my gpu are in use, 3D is not even at 20% with windows running.


Download the new version:
Miner Tool: http://t.cn/Eyk7HSK (updata 0.1.1 2018/12/14)


This one now includes devfee of 1% on top of the 2% the pool takes


This version requires much more virtual memory. I have increased my pagefile from 25 to 60 Gb. Otherwise 5th and 6th GPUs refused to start mining…

p.s. is there anything we should do with GPU core or memory clocks to achieve highest performance?


как думаешь? это не дурной тон?
0.1.1 ёьРВДЪИЭ
-c 1 ККєПCPUєГµД»ъЖч ЛгБ¦МбЙэ

простите. конкретная проблема в том, что вашими разработками пользуются люди из разных стран. неужели так трудно перевести пару строк и кинуть их в текстовый файл? что значат флаги -c -f в новой версии?


Beepool AE Pool Free!!! (2018-12-13 to 2018-12-19)
PPS(0%)& PPLNS(0%)


Qskc continues to improve its software.
We will also continue to update the software.


Sure, but eventually the pool will charge you 2% and now the miner will charge you 1% too


Qskc miner tool charges miners 1%.
Beepool doesn’t charge.


Просим Вас от команды AE не употреблять ругательства, а конкретно обьяснить Вашу проблему, мы попытаемся её решить.


any chance there’s a watchdog feature in development? having issues with miners stopping. find myself having to check on each individual terminal hourly. would be great if a restart automatically queued after inactivity of X seconds. any recommendations to address in short term?


pool will start charging from the 20th and 2 percent.


Usually pool in china charges 5%. I dont know why. But 1 or 2% for a chinese pool is on the lower side of fees lol.

You can try to mine bismuth… 10% fee for all the pools (but they explain this by saying they built their pool from scratch).


I am not convinced by the 0.1.1 miner. Yes fee went from <1 to 1% but i dont see an increase in finding solutions and the gpu doesnt seem to work more. So still 0.0.7 for me right now.

That said, i dont mind paying a 5% fee if i’ve got 10% hashrate more. Just saying :blush: