Æternity Open to Beepool


I will try that. When is the payment going to happen?


Looks like they started paying out, there are transactions on aeknow.org from beepool


only 8 txid what is problem with this ae?


Yeah i have my first 168 ae :hugs:
Not that i had doubts about beepool but when i mine something new i am always afraid i made a mistake creating a wallet. It would have been sad to have lost all those coins…


Supposedly sent me 272.795 AE but i received nothing and the transaction is showing 0 sent.

EDIT: Payment just went through and its in my wallet now. Looks like they are sending out a lot of payments every block so everyone should get payed. Looks to be the first large pool to be paying out too.


Yay! I got paid. :smiley:


I’m still waiting, even though it says Paid in the Beepool address page


All payments have been made.
Please check to see if it arrives.


Yeah, indeed. I see I did get paid, in the explorer. But the Baese app wallet doesn’t show it for some reason


I can confirm that this works! when mining with 8GB or lower GPU’s the Beepool miner uses virtual memory to compensate. I’m not sure what the effect on performance is, but my 1070 works now on 0.0.9.


Yeah, I already asked about this we will wait for the answer.


helo i have problem to beepool page is hard to check for balance also lots of time lost connection to pool do you have server in europe?


Nope, likely not. We’re in this together until a western pool starts somewhere


It works pretty good.
You will learn than “24” is the ae paid last 24 hours (and not an estimate like i thought before lol).
Worth to check once.

We also have troubles with the stat webpage. Beepool seems to say it’s our fault but we are too many everywhere to experience this. At least i hope we really send shares to the pool.


OK, I’m up and mining for almost 6 hrs already. 7 GTX1070s. It’s about 2.11 kH/s.
Is that hashrate OK? Which overclocking (and miner) settings should we use for better results? I see that GPU core load is not 100% constantly, but it fluctuates between 90-100%. Is it normal? Power Limit seem to do nothing with this. Also, whatever clocks I set, I can’t see the difference. What is your experience with 1070s overclocking?


Beepool AE Pool Free (2018-12-13 to 2018-12-19)
PPS(0%)& PPLNS(0%)


Yeah, because of a few network issues, that is good news indeed


Yes.Thank you for your support.


Had a hiccup indeed, yesterday. But now everything is up. Thanks for the discount!


We will continue to provide you with quality service.