Æternity Open to Beepool


Iam waiting from f…ng sunday, and steal f…ng zero !!!


were is me f…ng coins ???


Yeah, you registered 5 minutes ago and have only this post so clearly, we should believe you.


looks like f…ng scam pool


dont tell me , i was start from f…ng presale in this prodget, and start mining from Sunday, and didn’t get any coin ( zero) in my wallet !!!


Yeah just started mining AE. Been on RVN for months. Im definitely supposed to know about this coin mining all of a sudden and already have a registered account before i started mining. I just started AE 12 hours ago so will see how my payment goes.


believe me its steal zero :))) I start mining Sunday !!! probably its SCAM POOL !!!


You might have a good point. I do not see any transactions from the other two pools listed under aeknow.org

I suppose time will tell.


but way the devs didn’t tell to as, what happened !!! it’s the blockchain working, to transfer the coins (I mean send to the wallets from pool)???


where is it being paid? i don’t see it


The blockchain works


Don’t get me wrong, I am sceptical just like any other miner on beepool, but as we can see on aeknow.org, neither f2 or uupool are not sending transactions so we just need to wait a little longer I suppose.


Lol you cant even sell that coin. Why panic. It s a big pool, see their other coins. I dont know why it doesnt work but i will still wait.
I was earning 5 usd a day lately… So i dont mind waiting one week at least.
If f2pool want some hash, make a windows miner.


Was mining on Widows last year, I can guarantee that you will be much more satisfied with Ubuntu, far more stable OS and it is easy to remote control it via putty.


Even though ubuntu is really hard to OC, I still recomend it.


It takes 2 commands to enable OC, and you add oc settings on startup applications, not that hard.
I am using this guide https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1712831.0
Maybe you have other methods?


Yeah as stated Beepool is currently working on the payment system still. No other pools have paid out. I trust beepool completely as i have mined over 1 million RVN on their pool in total, and even when their servers had downtime and we were unable to mine they compensated us like we never stopped mining. They posted an update on their site that they are currently working on the payment system and will get it working.


System, Set virtual memory to 40G.


why do you steal f…ng zero? :slight_smile:


still noting paid! …